Visa Requirements for Indonesia

Here you will find all the visa requirements information for Indonesia that you should know when planning a holiday to Bali. Before traveling to Indonesia you must have an up to date valid visa as part of the legislation of the Indonesian government. Without a valid visa you are at risk of being deported and won’t be able to return for a specified period of time.

  • Those who plan to visit Indonesia may be eligible for a 30-day visa on arrival (VOA). Note that there is a fee of $25 US. Foreigners who are traveling to Indonesia from the land border between East Timor and Indonesia do not have the option to obtain a VOA. Travelers from Australia will be offered a visa processing service on some airlines however this may not be available on all Airlines. Contact your airline for more information.
  • Visa holders may be granted an extension for an extra 30 days. This can be organized without having to leave Indonesia. The visa validity period is calculated from the first day of arrival to Indonesia. Please note that there are penalties including fines given to those who extend their visit in Indonesia without a valid visa. These fines are calculated for each day in Indonesia after the date the visa has expired.
  • Travelers who have organized non commercial or private accommodation for their visit to Indonesia must register with the local Rukun Tetangga Office and also the police upon arrival. These laws are inclusive to the standard visa requirements for Indonesia. You must register with the immigration department if you wish to be in Indonesia for a period of more than 90 days. You also are required to be holding a valid visa.
  • All passport holders entering Indonesia must have a minimum of 6 months validity on their passport as required by the Indonesian government. After meeting the visa requirements for Indonesia it’s also recommended that you have copies of recent passport photos in the event you require a replacement whilst in Indonesia.
  • All visitors who are departing Indonesia will be required to pay a departure tax. As of April 2014 this fee is 200,000 Rupiah. Be sure to have this ready in Indonesian currency at the airport.

Visa regulations and requirements for Indonesia can change at any time so it’s recommended that you contact the Indonesian Embassy to obtain "up-to-date" information.

Note:The Indonesian government may change their visa requirements policies at any time. It's recommended that applicants check with the Indonesian Embassy first to verify they meet the "up to date" requirements before submitting any applications.

For any other questions or more general information visit the link above or contact an Indonesian Embassy within your preferred location.

Click here for a list of Indonesian Embassies in specific countries

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