Villa Baladewa Empat Bali

"Come and stay at the Villa Baladewa Empat Bali for a purely blissful, memorable Bali experience in this hidden paradise!"

These villas truly make you feel like you're in heaven on earth. When I first stayed here I was surprised at the luxury and tranquility of these traditional cultural Balinese villas. They are set in beautiful Kerobokan surrounded by the breathtaking greenery of the lush rice fields. The architecture is traditional Balinese cultural setting which only adds to the uniquely amazing experience of being here.

They have everything you would need that makes the most pleasurable Balinese experience you could have. The Baladewa is one of my top recommendations for Villas in Kerobokan after my own personal experience.

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Here is the sign out the front of the Baladewa which is easy to find.

VIlla Baladewa Empat Bali

This is the view when walking down the driveway to the Villas. In the background are some of the lush green rice fields of Kerobokan.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Outside

This is when first walking into the Villa. This particular Villa was amazing to say the least. When first walking in it has a feeling of cleanliness and luxury.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - First entering the Villa

Upstairs there is a great dining area on the balcony.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Upstairs dining area on Balcony

There is also a very comfortable lounge and living area in the upstairs section.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Lounge area upstairs

Here you can watch the flat screen TV.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Flat screen TV upstairs

The view out the upstairs window showing the beautiful pool.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - View of pool from upstairs

The downstairs area is pure blissful comfort. It feels like staying in a luxury home rather than a holiday Villa. Here there is another flat screen TV as well as upstairs and also entertainment facilities.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - The downstairs main living area

The kitchen is great. Very spacious and has all the facilities you would expect in a fully furnished house.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Kitchen

This is another set of stairs going to the main bedroom of the Villa.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Stairs to main bedroom

This is the view from the upstairs main bedroom.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - View from upstairs area near main bedroom

Another dining area which is perfect because there is choices as to where to have meals in the Villa.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Another dining / living area

The main bedroom with the Balinese cultural furnishings truly feels like a blissful Balinese experience.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Main Bedroom

The view out the window showing the beautiful rice fields is breathtaking.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Views from main bedroom

Laying back in bed with the views of the rice fields makes it feel like the day couldn't get any better.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Comfortable bed

Clean and luxury spacious bathroom.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Luxury bathroom

Great entertainment facilities to kick back and listen to a few CD's.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Entertainment facilities

The downstairs flat screen TV.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Flat screen TV downstairs

Views of the spectacular rice fields behind the Villa.

Villa Baladewa Empat Bali - Views of the Kerobokan Rice Fields

The Villa Baladewa is definitely the perfect place to stay to feel as though you having a luxurious, comfortable and memorable Balinese holiday. The cultural feeling of these Villas only adds to the tranquility that is felt from the moment of first walking in.

This is the type of place where you will feel like you never want to leave. The Villa Baladewa is without a doubt one of my favorite Villas in Kerobokan and I can confidently say anyone will feel purely relaxed when staying here.

Best prices and reviews at TripAdvisor

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