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One thing I can't recommend enough is to have Bali travel insurance before your travels. I personally haven't run into any medical problems while I have been here however I have known of others who have.

Some of which didn't have overseas insurance in Bali and it ended up costing them thousands of dollars. That would be the last thing you need on your international holiday.

I have done a lot of my own research on this and I have found "1Cover" to be one of the best in Australia for Bali travel insurance.

They also have some of the best rates available. You can get a quote below so you have an idea of what it might cost. It's also available for worldwide customers.

Why I highly recommend Travel Insurance....

To see a doctor in Bali usually costs around about $40 - $50 US depending on which clinic you go to. That's not too bad if it's just an ordinary consultation. However, if you have a medical emergency where you have to be rushed to hospital, the costs of that can excessive.

I have heard about people who have had medical emergencies in Bali and they had to be rushed to a hospital in Singapore. This alone can already cost thousands of dollars believe it or not and you haven't even had treatment yet!

Once you stay in the hospital for a few days or longer, the costs can increase dramatically. All of which could be avoided completely with overseas holiday insurance prior to travel.

There is one particular incident that always sticks in my mind. This young male tourist had a medical emergency in Bali that required having to go to hospital in Singapore. He ended up staying there for a couple of weeks and had no insurance at all. The medical costs were in the tens of thousands. He needed his family overseas to come up with the money before he could go home.

I thought that I should have a page highlighting the importance of having insurance while holidaying in Bali. There doesn't seem to be much information on the media that informs people about the potential costs involved. Costs like I described above can be enough to not only ruin your holiday but ruin your life!

Generally it's unlikely a medical emergency will happen for most people which is good news. However based on what happened to that male tourist I described above and other stories I have heard, it's well worth covering yourself in my opinion.

1cover is a good company from my experience as they have cheap and flexible insurance packages to suit most people. They also have the option for people to purchase their insurance from any geographical location.

I have looked at other companies and compared the difference and in my opinion 1Cover appears to have the best packages for the price.

"To avoid the risk of paying out thousands in medical costs, It's a very good idea to have insurance prior to any international travel!"

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