The Skygarden

by Jason



The Skygarden is an awesome nightclub which has different levels with the top level having a VIP section for tourists. I came to Bali with a group of friends and the first night we went out partying we found the Skygarden.

They have a variety of different bars and nightclubs inside where people can party the night away. One part called the Skydome is a huge nightclub that went off after midnight the night we were there. We had a really good DJ and the was heaps of people. They had free Vodka's for an hour after midnight enticing people to go to the Skydome so it was pretty much packed.

The Skygarden is well worth going to for anyone who is partying in Bali. It's one of the biggest nightclubs around Kuta and there's a good mixture of locals and tourists that go there. They also have a happy hour every night of the week which is good.

Reply from Brian
I agree with you, I have had some good nights out in the Skygarden. Thanks for your Submission

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