The Samara Villas & Restaurant

"The Samara Villas & Restaurant is the perfect place to escape and find your inner peace!"

These villas are set amongst the breathtaking rice fields of Ubud. I was amazed at the spectacular scenery that surrounds this villa. The restaurant is amazing too with some delicious choices on the menu which is no surprise why it's part of the name of this establishment.

There is only 8 villas at the Samara but they are all very clean with a modern setting. The staff are extremely pleasant and accommodating. It's also a very private location which is great.

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This is the front of the Samara Villas. Everywhere around here is beautiful lush green rice fields.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Front area

This is the front reception area.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Reception

Here is the path that goes down to all the villas. It's a very peaceful and picturesque environment with gardens and rice fields as far as the eye can see.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant Grounds

This is the bedroom in one of the villas. The beds are decent sized and very comfortable too.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Inside the Villas

The bathroom is clean and traditional Balinese style. The rooms are very well maintained throughout and housekeeping cleans them daily.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Bathroom

Here is the view from the front side of the villas. Spectacular Balinese rice fields surround the Samara Villas.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Ubud Rice Fields

From inside the rooms you still get an amazing view of the beautiful rice fields.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Views from Villas

Here is another picture of the rice fields that are all around the Samara Villas.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Views

This is the trademark restaurant. The dishes are delicious and pretty good prices too considering the quality of the meals.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Restaurant

This is another picture I took of the restaurant.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Restaurant

This gorgeous pool is an ideal place to sit, relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Pool

Another picture I took while relaxing by the pool showing the breath taking rice paddies of Ubud. It shows how the picturesque, beautiful rice fields of Ubud are all around. While being out in the open right in the heart of the breath taking rice fields, it still feels very private and peaceful here.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Rice fields near pool

It's handy to know beforehand that you will have to park in the car park and walk about 400 meters up a hill to get to The Samara. It is possible to ride a scooter up there though. If you have luggage to carry and you have arrived there by taxi, it might be a good idea to have the staff take you up to the Samara on the back of their scooter.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant  - Carpark

The staff are very friendly, hospitable and always happy to attend to guests promptly.

The Samara Villas & Restaurant - Friendly Staff

The Samara Villas & Restaurant is in such a peaceful and tranquil location surrounded by spectacular rice paddies in Ubud. The restaurant is absolutely amazing with a nice choice of Indonesian and Italian dishes. It's possibly one of the better restaurants in Ubud in my opinion. Also they prices are pretty good for the quality of the dishes.

This is the perfect place for a private and peaceful holiday where you can experience the beauty of the rice fields of Ubud. To get to the main busy area of Ubud is about 1 - 2 km. So it's a very convenient location. When you are there it feels like you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy areas.

The staff go out of the way to make sure you stay is as comfortable as possible. If you prefer not to walk up the hill the 400 meters to get to the Samara they do offer to take you up there on the back of a scooter unless you're riding one that you have hired for yourself. It's only a small establishment with 8 villas however it's a perfect place to go for a quiet and peaceful getaway.

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