Suara Alam Villas & Spa Bali

"Feel total peace and relaxation at the Suara Alam Villas & Spa amongst Ubud's spectacular rice fields!"

For a 3 star villa I felt very satisfied to stay here and I can recommend this place to anyone. I was also taken back by the picturesque rice terraces that surround the villa. I have taken some pictures below that gives you some idea of the beautiful surroundings. Just being in this environment really makes you feel totally relaxed and at peace.

My first visit to the Suara Alam Villas & Spa Bali made me feel totally relaxed as soon as I arrived. The staff are very hospitable, welcoming and they go out of their way to make you feel at home.

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This is the restaurant, pool and bar area. As soon as you arrive it feels like a very tranquil and peaceful atmosphere here.

The view from the pool area shows the breathtaking lush green rice fields of Ubud. This is a great place to lay back and relax and feel the warmth of the sun while enjoying the view.

The beds are huge and very comfortable too. Outside the windows are amazing views of the lush green ride terraces. When you first arrive and see outside the window you can't help but to feel totally rested.

This is the view directly outside the bedroom. To wake up to this kind of view outside the window makes you never want to leave.

The bathrooms are spacious and clean and housekeeping maintains the rooms regularly.

There is also a comfortable dining area. The Balinese decorations add to the feeling of being in Bali.

This is the Balcony which has more amazing views of those beautiful rice fields of Ubud. Sitting out here having a drink with this kind of view makes you feel at total peace and forget all your stresses in life.

There is also comfortable sitting areas at the villa which is great if you come with a group of people or a family.

Here is another picture I took of the lush green rice fields that surrounds the Suara Alam Vllas.

The Suara Alam Villas & Spa is a great place for a peaceful holiday and makes you feel relaxed, rested and able to unwind from the busy city life.

There is a really nice pool pictured above and the villas also have all the facilities you would need including restaurant, bar, Cable and Satellite television and more. I have stayed in some 3 star hotels in the past aren't as relaxing as you feel at these villas and also don't have as many facilities. This is part of the reason why I wanted to recommend this place on my site.

One thing I will point out is that it is about 10 minutes ride on a scooter to the main center of Ubud. So if you want to go to the markets or run errands in town, it might be a bit far for walking distance. If you have a scooter however it's only a short ride into town.

These villas are set amongst beautiful rice terraces all around and it makes you feel like you're in holiday mode as soon as you arrive. For the price of this 3 star villa I was quite impressed and would surely stay here again.

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