Seminyak Beach

I really like Seminyak beach and it's probably one of my favorite beaches in all of Bali. What I like most is how there are some really cool beach clubs where you can sit on the beach in a beanbag while having drinks brought to you. In some other places you can sit on balconies having a meal while over looking the beach. The sand is really nice and soft which I like. It's great for swimming here too.

The beach at Seminyak has such a relaxing and holiday vibe about it. The are amazing views of the blue ocean as far as the eye can see with the white sandy beaches stretching for miles. This picture is an example of the scenery here. Laying on the deck chairs under an umbrella overlooking the beautiful views of the ocean really makes you feel totally rejuvenated.

Seminyak Beach

I took this picture from down near the water. It shows a number of different establishments along the beach including bars, restaurants and beach clubs.

Seminyak Beach

This section of the beach is one of the entry points to the beach. Also shown here is a tourist desk that offer many different activities and tours that tourists can purchase. In the background behind the tourist desk is The Anantara Seminyak Bali hotel which is a beautiful beachfront 5 star hotel.

Seminyak Beach - The Anantara Seminyak

Pictured here is a view looking down south on Seminyak beach. Further down this direction is Legian beach and Kuta beach respectively. For the surfers, there is always surfboards for hire.

Seminyak Beach - View looking south

I was standing in the water when I took this picture. It shows how far down the water goes during low tide. There's plenty of sand with quite a distance between the water and the top of the beach.

Seminyak Beach

After taking a bit of a walk further down the beach I took this picture which shows more establishments along the beach. In the far right of this picture shows one of my favorite places which is La Plancha. There you can literally sit on the beach in beanbags while the staff bring out drinks to their guests. Lots of people go there to see the sunsets and also it's a great nightspot.

Seminyak Beach - Some of the beach clubs along the beach

Seminyak beach has a kind of high-end blissful atmosphere. That's how I feel when I'm here. This is probably due to the fact that there a number of luxurious 5 star beachfront hotels here. Unlike the famous Kuta beach, here there are lots of deck on the beach.

Seminyak Beach

Although it's not as common as down on Kuta beach, sometimes locals will approach the tourists trying to sell their products. Here a lady is showing a tourist some of her products in hope for a sale.

Seminyak Beach - Locals selling products to tourists

This view is looking south along Seminyak beach towards where the planes come in. It's quite relaxing laying in the deck chairs on the beach while watching the planes. In my video I recorded above, there is an example of that when I managed to capture a plane landing.

Seminyak Beach

It's not usually too difficult to find an available set of deck chairs on Seminyak beach because there are many all the way up and down. Sometimes you will be asked to pay a small fee to use the chairs though.

Seminyak Beach

In this picture I was standing in the same position as the picture above but turned to my left. The building there is The Anantara Seminyak Bali hotel. That is the perfect place to stay for those who love beachfront hotels. They also have the Wild Orchid Authentic Thai restaurant there too.

Seminyak Beach - View looking north

This is at the La Plancha not far down from the picture above. This is a really cool place to hang out and relax on the beach having a few drinks. There's actually quite a few different restaurants, bars and beach clubs along the beach that are great places to go to.

Seminyak Beach - View from La Plancha beach club

This is facing north on Seminyak beach. It's quite a distance from one of the beach to the other. Most of the time it's not overly crowded here either which is great.

Seminyak Beach - View looking north

This beach is less visited by tourists compared with Kuta beach. This is because it's about 15 20 minutes north of Kuta. Although there are still some great hotels and attractions around Seminyak such as the beach clubs and restaurants. Many tourists come to Seminyak for the reason of these pristine beaches that are away from busy tourist areas like Kuta.

On Kuta beach there are often locals waiting on the beach looking for business trying to market their services or products. They gravitate to the Kuta area given that it's the main tourist attraction region of Bali. In Seminyak however there is very few locals trying to sell to tourists. For me personally, this is definitely one of my favorite beaches in Bali.

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