Seminyak Beach Resort Villas

This page shows some of the pictures I've taken of the Seminyak beach resort villas. The last time I stayed at this hotel, I couldn't go past the villas. Just like the extravagant hotel rooms they are luxurious with Balinese setting all throughout.

As I first walked into the villa I took this picture. Straight away I was taken back by all the attention to detail put into making this villa so nice.

Seminyak Beach Resort Villas - Walking into the villa

From here I was looking over the picturesque views of Seminyak beach. It's the perfect place to have a meal with the sounds of the ocean and views like this.

For anyone who loves the beach as I do, these villas a definitely a great place to stay. It's pure relaxation laying back in the gazebo overlooking the beach on a beautiful sunny day.

Seminyak Beach Resort Villas - Views of Seminyak beach

The Seminyak beach resort villas also have their own private pools. Just behind the glass doors is the bedroom. I really liked being able to step right out of the villa straight into the pool. The pool runs around the corner alongside of the villa.

Seminyak Beach Resort Villas - Private pool

In this picture I was standing just as I first walked into the bedroom. To the right is a garden area which just adds to the luxurious feel of this villa. The entry to the bathroom is next to the garden area.

Seminyak Beach Resort Villas - Bedroom

There's a flat screen TV and to the right is where the glass doors are located that opens to the pool area. I took this picture to show a different angle of room and garden area.

Seminyak Beach Resort Villas - Bedroom

I was standing at the entry point to the bathroom when I took this picture. I really liked the bathrooms in this villa. They are very clean, luxurious with a touch of Balinese class.

Seminyak Beach Resort Villas - Bathroom

To get to Seminyak beach is so easy from the villas. It's literally just behind the fence to end up walking on the beach. What more could anyone ask for?

Seminyak Beach Resort Villas - Outside the villa with views of Seminyak beach

Everything about the Seminyak beach resort is luxury everywhere. The rooms and villas are all really nice.  I surely hope to stay in one of these villas again one day. If you ever find the chance to stay in one of these then I would definitely recommend it from my personal experience.

The staff are very hospitable, the room service is great, the hotel itself is really nice all around and I hope to stay here again.

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