The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali Hotel

"Experience the perfect beachfront holiday staying at

The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali Hotel"

The first thing that caught my attention from the moment I first entered the grounds of the hotel was the amazing gardens, statues and Balinese structures.

The hotel caters for all your needs while staying there so you won't have to leave the premises for your entire stay if you don't want to. You can also expect premium customer service too at this hotel. The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali hotel is another one of my top picks for hotels in Seminyak.

Perhaps the best part of this hotel for me is that it resides directly on Seminyak Beach. If you love the beach and amazing views while enjoying the Balinese gardens then this hotel is a great place to stay.

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This is the view from the front of the the hotel. You will have to pass checkpoints before entering the grounds. You can rest assured you will feel safe and at ease because of the good security at the hotel.

The Balinese gardens and architecture from the front of the hotel.

Another security checkpoint before entering the car park.

The car park.

The sign for the hotel.

The well landscaped area from the back of the hotel right next to Seminyak Beach.

Here is the swim up bar in the pool. I love the swim up bar here. It's the perfect place to sit and relax in the pool while sipping on a drink and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

I took another picture of the swim up bar. This is facing the direction of the beach.

Another picture of the pool with the hotel in the background.

This picture was taken from the back of the pool facing towards Seminyak Beach. You can either use the pool or walk about 1 minute down to the beach.

This kind of environment with the views of the beach makes you feel so relaxed and rested. I never wanted to leave this place when I was here.

The friendly staff of the Royal Beach Seminyak Bali Hotel always have a smile on their face and offer excellent customer service.

The check in process is very quick and easy and you will feel settled and comfortable from the first moment of entering the grounds of the hotel. If you're anything like me the first thing you will want to do is go for a walk down to the beach which is a hop, step and jump away from the hotel.

There are also villas available if you want to spend a few more dollars. The hotel has many facilities available to cater for all your needs including restaurant, bars, pool complex, unlimited access to the internet, tennis courts, beauty services and much more.

I only had a short stay here and didn't get to experience all the hotel has to offer but I can certainly say you will have no problem finding everything you need at this hotel.

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