Ramayana Resort & Spa

The Ramayana Resort & Spa is one of the best 4 star hotels situated as close to Kuta Square as it is. The staff treat their guests like family. I have been to this hotel a few times simply because of the outstanding customer service alone.

It's a great hotel that has comfortable rooms, great restaurant and excellent customer service. Best of all the location couldn't be better being only 5 minutes walking distance from Kuta Square.

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This is the front of the hotel taken from Jalan Singosari street. It's the very same street as where the Kuta Art Market is. Takes about 5 minutes to walk there from here.

Ramayana Resort & Spa

This is a picture of the calming waterways and Balinese gardens that the hotel is set in.

Ramayana Resort & Spa Waterways and Gardens

I took this picture directly after first walking into the front of the hotel. The Ramayana Resort & Spa is very clean and well maintained .

Ramayana Resort & Spa Reception

The hospitable staff make all their guests feel so welcome and they go out of their way to make you comfortable. After a while they start to treat you like family and they remember when you stay at the hotel a 2nd and 3rd time and so on.

Ramayana Resort & Spa friendly staff

Here is the pool of the Ramayana. The restaurant is right next to the pool. Guests are allowed to dine at the sitting areas near the pool if they prefer.

Ramayana Resort & Spa Pool

Here is the foyer section of the hotel. They have some amazing traditional Balinese furniture settings which gives the hotel that cultural feeling to it.

Ramayana Resort & Spa foyer

The iconic Balinese Gong that sits in the hotel which is another element of the cultural furnishings that gives the hotel that Balinese vibe.

Ramayana Resort & Spa. Balinese Gong

The hotel rooms have all the facilities anyone would need. The hotel itself is very well maintained inside and out. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming to all their guests. The pool is great as are the rooms and the restaurant is fantastic. The upstairs bar is a great classy kind of place to have a few drinks. If you prefer you can also enjoy a few down at the pool bar.

In my personal opinion you won't be disappointed given the competitive price compared with other hotels that have the same standards that I've researched in Bali. One thing I should point out is sometimes the internet connection isn't the greatest. But this is only a small con compared to everything else that is good about this hotel.

Perhaps the best part about the hotel is the location. Everything you would need is all accessible within 5 minutes. Restaurants, bars, Kuta beach, Kuta Square and Discovery shopping mall are all within a short walking distance to the hotel.

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