Padma Resort Legian

"The Padma Resort Legian will treat you to one of the best 5 star holidays in Legian"

The first time I entered the gates of the resort I knew it was going to be a luxurious place to stay. The exquisite and tranquil gardens that the resort is set it speaks for itself.

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The trademark sign out the front of the resort. If you are looking for this resort it's not hard to find and this sign is situated directly out the front near the gates.

Padma Resort Legian

The first thing I noticed when I first walked into the grounds of the resort was the tranquil and well landscaped gardens. There are also some ponds around the hotel which makes enhances the feeling of being close to nature. The ponds also have some pretty big fish in them which is relaxing to sit and watch.

Padma Resort Legian

This is one of the statues that you will first see after entering the grounds of the resort.

Padma Resort Legian

This is where you first enter into the resort. From this picture you can already get an idea of how high end and quality the resort is.

Padma Resort Legian - Front of Resort

The resort is set in beautiful Balinese gardens where it's guaranteed to make you feel at total peace. It's almost like walking around some kind of botanic gardens when walking around the grounds of the resort.

Padma Resort Legian

I really liked some of the ponds with the big fish around the resort. This picture I took from the front of the resort just before entering through to the main reception.

Padma Resort Legian - Pond out the front

I took this picture while walking around the resort. Everywhere around the entire resort are incredible gardens like this.

Padma Resort Legian

This is towards where the lobby is of the resort. Just another example of the spectacular Balinese gardens that makes this a peaceful and amazing place to stay.

There is a good selection of rooms and suites to choose from here. Some of the rooms have either direct access or views of the lagoon. They also have 1 and 2 bdrm suites with lagoon views and direct access. All of the rooms are set in traditional Balinese style and have all the facilities that you need.

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