Nusa Dua Beach review

by Sunny

Nusa Dua Beach is really lovely with beautiful clear waters, soft sand, and lots of trees and natural greenery around. I saw plenty of squirrels there too, hanging out on tree branches and scurrying around the beach area. Very cute! Nusa Dua is a really relaxing place to stay, it’s got a whole bunch of hotels/resorts right on the beachfront and they’re mostly known for being upmarket luxury resorts (but not necessarily as pricey as you might think). Totally different vibe to Kuta. It’s more like a pure beach holiday resort area, with the majority being tourists in the area, and a smaller proportion of locals than in say Kuta. You’re less likely to have locals trying to sell you things on the beach, so it’s more relaxing in a way.

It’s nice to walk along the beach and enjoy the resorts along there. For example, you can see the outdoors massage beds, beachfront bars, lagoon/pools amongst the pretty manicured gardens of the resorts. Also, there’s fun water sport activities you can do there such as Jet ski, Parasailing and Banana Boat. I had a fantastic time at Nusa Dua a few months ago and I would highly recommend spending time at Nusa Dua Beach!!

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