Motorbike rental in Bali

When I first started to come here, I always found a motorbike rental in Bali is a great way to get around the island. That is of course if you're good at riding a motorbike.

In Bali there are many car and bike rental businesses in all common areas of the island. So that being the case it really is quite easy to just walk around tourist areas and see advertisements for Bali bike rental businesses that also have car rentals available too.

I took most of these photos on this page in common tourist areas around Bali including Seminyak, Kuta and Legian. These areas of Bali are pretty much all next to each other. It's an example of how easy it is to find a motorbike rental in Bali.

This particular place usually rents out cars and motorbikes and they are located in Kuta out the front of the Best Western Hotel. Their contact number is +62 81 337 960 008.

Motorbike Rentals in Bali

Suri Sedana Rental also has a motorbike rental in Bali service as well as cars available. They are located in Kuta. They have tour services available too. Their contact details are 0361 7841507

Motorbike Rental in Bali

Nuri's rent a car has a motorbike rental in Bali available too. This is another place I came across when walking around the main areas of Kuta. You will see many different advertisements from businesses that have a motorbike rental in Bali service available. It really isn't hard to find at all simply from just walking around common areas.

Car and Motorbike rental in Bali

I came across this place in the Kuta / Legian area and they also had some manual motorbikes for rent. That would be pretty cool to ride one of those. Personally I didn't actually rent one of those but one day I would like to give it a try.

Normally to rent a motorbike from any of these places costs around 50,000 - 60,000 Rupiah per day ($5 - $6 US approximately). Some places have different rates and sometimes you can bargain the price down. These prices are just an approximate average.

To hire a manual motorbike rental in Bali usually costs a bit more than this. I have found them for around 200,000 Rupiah per day. ($20 - $25 US). Again you may find cheaper places and may also be able to bargain the price down. So it's well worth keeping that in mind. It could save a few dollars.

Bali bike rental

This was another Bali bike rental business I happened to come across when walking around common areas of Bali. They have cars and motorbikes available for rent.

It's common to be walking down any main street of Bali where there are lots of businesses and have locals approach the locals trying rent out cars or motorbikes.

Bali bike and car rental

Here was yet another car and bike rental establishment I walked past in Legian. At the time I was using my own motorbike to get around Bali. I still wanted to take lots of pictures of all these motorbike rentals places in Bali for this page.

Bali motorbike rental

Sometimes I found cheap rentals for motorbikes out the front of ordinary retail stores. This was one example of store general store that had a couple of Bali bike rentals out the front.

rental motorbikes in Bali

I was walking around Kuta and saw souvenir store that had a few motorbike rentals out the front. As I walked past and took the pictures, the lady asked me if I wanted to hire one of the bikes :)

Rent a motorbike in Bali

Here I was walking through Kuta just after having a massage and I came across a Laundry that believe it or not, it had a Bali bike rental service available too.

Motorbike hire in Bali

This tourist information desk had all that you could need in one place. Bali bike rental, car rental, tourist information, tours and more.

Bike and car rental in Bali

Here was another place I saw in Legian that has Bike hire services for Bali. I didn't ask the price but I would guess it's in the same region as most other areas of Bali around the 50,000 - 60,000 Rupiah area ($5 - $6 us Per day).

They also have cheaper deals for longer term rentals like weekly and monthly. You can always negotiate prices with the Balinese.

Motorbike retnal in Bali

Often the locals will approach tourists offering to rent a motorbike so it's never difficult at all to find a motorbike rental in Bali.

Sometimes people prefer to have a car already booked, ready and waiting as soon as they arrive to Bali. This way they can pick it up from either the airport or from the city area of Denpasar. For those who prefer to do this then I would recommend booking your car in advance from here.

In Summary, I would have to say it's very easy to find a Bali bike rental. All you really need to do based on the extensive experience I have about Bali is walk around common areas and you will be bound to find somewhere to find a place to rent a bike or car.

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