Melia Bali Indonesia

"The Melia Bali Indonesia is where to feel pure bliss and indulge this hidden paradise in beautiful Nusa Dua!"

This beautiful 5 star hotel located right along Nusa Dua Beach. The first thing that really surprised me about the Melia is how big the hotel and grounds are. It even has maps displayed around hotel so that guests don't get lost. I felt like I was in pure luxury walking around the Melia.

If you like feeling pure bliss and tranquility in a beautiful part of Bali then the Melia Bali Indonesia is a great hotel to stay. I took quite a few pictures during my stay here because it's such a big hotel. It also has really good rates for the quality of this hotel so I highly recommend it on my site.

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The front of the Melia Bali is a very scenic view. I found that it has a real Balinese cultural feeling to it.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Front of hotel

This is the sign out the front of the Melia Bali. This is the front entry where you drive in. It's possible to also enter the hotel from the other side where Nusa Dua beach located.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Hotel Sign

When first driving up the road towards the hotel, this is the view. This place is huge with lots of beautiful Balinese gardens and waterways around the grounds of the hotel.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Hotel front entrance

The area just outside the lobby has this large pond with fish in there. The Balinese statues also give it that iconic cultural vibe.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Front of hotel

This is the lobby area of the hotel. It's quite amazing how big the hotel is when first walking in here.

Melia Bali Indonesia - View of hotel lobby

I took another picture of the lobby from a different angle. The staircase in this picture goes down towards Nusa Dua beach.

Melia Bali Indonesia - View of hotel lobby

There is always friendly and hospitable staff at the reception ready to attend to the needs of guests.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Reception

There is also a great bar in the lobby area.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Restaurant and bar in hotel area

The rooms are very clean, spacious and quite luxury. The rooms are cleaned regularly by housekeeping. There are also great views of the beautiful hotel gardens and Nusa Dua beach from many of the rooms.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Hotel room

The beds are big and really comfortable.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Bed

The rooms have All the facilities you could possibly need including Cable / Satellite TV which you can watch on a flat screen TV.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Hotel room

The bathrooms are quite luxurious and clean. The rooms are well maintained by housekeeping.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Bathroom

This is the main pool at the hotel. This pool is huge and it really does make you feel rejuvenated taking a swim surrounded by the lush green gardens throughout the hotel grounds.

Further in the background of the picture is where Nusa Dua beach. You can be swimming in this same pool while enjoying spectacular views of the ocean.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Swimming pool

This is one of the many path ways that go around the Melia Bali Indonesia grounds. You can get lost in here, I did many times. Walking around the beautiful grounds with the tranquil gardens is a blissful feeling.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Walkways through the gardens

Here is another shot of the peaceful waterways and gardens at the Melia Bali Indonesia.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Hotel gardens and waterways

There is also Balinese statues and fountains all around the hotel grounds. These little details make it feel like a real cultural Balinese experience staying at this hotel.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Hotel gardens and waterways

This is another picture of the hotel grounds.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Hotel gardens and waterways

This is one of the many massage beds around the hotel. To have a massage in here amongst tranquil waterways and scenic gardens feels like absolute bliss.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Massage beds set amongst the tranquil gardens and waterways

There's also other things to do around the hotel grounds such as play a game of table tennis.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Table tennis

Or even play a game of chess on this big chess board I found.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Large chess board

Or if you prefer you can enjoy a delicious meal right next to the beach indulging the spectacular ocean views overlooking Nusa Dua beach.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Beach front restaurant

There is also a beach side bar. The perfect place to kick back on one of the deck chairs on the sandy beaches of Nusa Dua while having a few drinks.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Beachside bar and restaurant

Everywhere I walked around this hotel made me feel very peaceful and rested. The atmosphere is very rejuvenating at the Melia Bali Indonesia. All the gardens and little details makes this place amazing.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Balinese statues in the grounds of the hotel

Here is a map of the Melia Bali Indonesia. The hotel is very spread out and quite big in size so a map is very helpful. This map shows where everything is pretty clearly so you can work out where to go a lot easier. There is also plenty of staff walking around who can also point you in the right direction if you get lost.

Melia Bali Indonesia - Map of the Melia Bali Hotel

The hotel is absolutely huge with beautiful Balinese gardens throughout the grounds. It has gorgeous, sparkling swimming pools and a spectacular view of the ocean.

The hotel is situated right next to Nusa Dua beach so you can literally walk straight onto the beach from the hotel grounds. It's even possible to have room service serve you while laying back in a deck chair on Nusa Dua beach.

When you book at the Melia Bali Indonesia you will not be disappointed. The rates are great for the quality of the hotel and the location is simply superb. From the first day I was feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and completely relaxed. Definitely a place I would always be happy to stay.

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