Matahari Shopping Centre

The Matahari shopping centre is a huge department store located in the heart of Kuta's popular Kuta Square. I have purchased clothing and other items from the Matahari before and the prices are quite a lot cheaper than the prices in western countries. Sometimes there are some bargains at similar prices as the street side stores too.

The Matahari is a great shopping centre for all. You will find plenty of clothing for females, males and kids. Also travel goods, bookstore, supermarket food court, timezone and more. Whatever your needs you are bound to find something that interests you at this shopping centre.

I took the photo as I was walking through Kuta Square and you can see the Matahari sign in the distance under the Mcdonalds sign. It's easy to see the distinctive Matahari sign when walking down the famous Kuta Square in the heart of Kuta.

Matahari Shopping Centre - View of the Matahari sign from down the street in Kuta Square

This is right out the front of the Matahari showing their logo. They also have a sign out the front of the store right before walking in showing the logo as seen on the video I recorded below.

Matahari Shopping Centre - Sign from the front of the centre in Kuta Squara

The friendly staff are always more than happy to let me take a picture. The staff are very friendly and willing to help everyone as best they can. This is a common trend for most Balinese people I come into contact with though. I always have many people greet me when I am just browsing around not only in here but anywhere around Bali.

Matahari Shopping Centre - Friendly Staff

It's quite surprising how big this shopping centre really is. Even from the few pictures I have taken and the video tour below that I recorded, it still doesn't really highlight how much variety there is in the Matahari.

There is a huge variety of pretty much any kind of products you could need. The Matahari shopping centre kind of reminds me of a combination of Myer and K-mart all in one.

Matahari Shopping Centre - Inside the Matahari

Short video of the Matahari

Where is the Matahari Shopping Centre?

To find the Matahari is not too hard particularly for tourists who stay in the Kuta area of Bali. It's located in Kuta Square which is one of the most common tourist attractions in Kuta. If you see my pictures above and the video tour of the Matahari that I recorded, it won't be hard to find the sign out the front.

There is 2 entrances to the Matahari shopping centre. One is the Kuta Square entrance as shown in the video and pictures above and the other is from Jalan Kartika Plaza road.

It's not at all hard finding this shopping centre once you're in Kuta Square. All you have to do is look for the Mcdonalds sign as a point of reference and then you know it's nearby :)

Address: Jalan Bakung Sari, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

In the Matahari shopping centre there is what seems to be an endless range of clothing, linen supplies, cosmetics, housing goods, furniture and plenty more. Whenever I need clothes, shoes or any general item, I know I can usually find whatever I am looking for at the Matahari.

In the downstairs section there is a supermarket where you can do grocery shopping, a post office, music shop and other retails stores. On the second level there is a huge range of cosmetics which is popular for all the females. There is also clothing sections, shoes and other miscellaneous products available.

The third level has clothes for males, travel accessories, school uniforms and much more. If you're looking for entertainment or a bite to eat, you can find these on the fourth floor.

You will find a good selection of places to eat in the food court. For the gamers there is a timezone plus a number of other stores are upstairs too. It's good to browse around even if you're not planning to do any shopping.

All in all the Matahari is a great place to do your Bali shopping and you could spend hours in there. Personally I'm not the kind of person that spends hours going shopping. I like to just go into a store, find what I need and that's it. For those who do love shopping, this is definitely a good place to go.

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