Lumbini Villas and Spa

"Indulge in the blissful and luxurious Lumbini Villas and Spa in Jimbaran, Bali"

From my experience staying around Jimbaran, the Lumbini Villas and Spa would have to be one of the better establishments I've visited so far in this area of Bali. This place is really very nice and the villas are in a class of their own.

The villas are very well equipped with all the modern facilities anyone would need on a holiday. The customer service is excellent and the best part of all, Jimbaran beach is only a short walk away.

This is the front entrance to the Lumbini Villas and Spa. The first thing I thought when I arrived is that it looks very plush indeed.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Driveway

Here is the lobby of the Lumbini. The staff were extremely hospitable the moment I arrived and handled everything to organise my check in with ease.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Lobby / reception

I noticed some Balinese stone carvings around so I decided to take a picture of some. This is just next to the lobby. In various different areas of the grounds I saw other Balinese artworks too which I think adds to the style of this remarkable establishment.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - From in the lobby

This is the lobby where guests can sit and relax or wait to be attended to by staff.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Lobby

On my way to the villa after I checked in, I noticed another magnificent piece of Balinese wood carving here. There's also really nice gardens throughout the grounds of the Lumbini Villas and Spa.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Balinese artworks

This is the restaurant and here they serve a good selection of Indonesian and Western style dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course there is also 24 hour room service available to guests.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Restaurant

I thought this Balinese style water fountain looked elegant and gives the Lumbini that extra bit of style and character. I was taken in by the well landscaped gardens all throughout the grounds.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Grounds of the resort

The pathway in this picture below leads towards the villa that I was staying at.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Towards the villas

After walking a bit further down the path from the picture above, this is the area where some villas are situated. I was immediately captivated by the leafy gardens. I can imagine how much time and effort it must take to keep them like this. It's a very calming and relaxing feeling being surrounded by gardens like this.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Gardens

This is inside the villa. Directly to my left after first walking in is the private pool. It's a delightful feeling to have your very own private pool on a holiday.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Private pool

Turning back to my right and walking into the villa is the dining and lounge area here. I really like the feeling of how it's open directly to the outside like this. Particularly in Bali where the climate is usually warm all the time.

Each villa at the Lumbini Villas and Spa are air conditioned too. This is perfect on days when it's really humid. It's a pleasurable feeling to have the choice of either going for a swim in the private pool or relaxing in air conditioned comfort.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - In the villas

The kitchen is decent sized as shown in my picture below. I like how the villas have elements of the gardens inside and out.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Kitchen and dining area

In the lounge area there is a flat screen TV with cable / satellite.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Lounge area

When I first walked into the main bedroom I was very impressed with how luxurious it is. It really is very nice in these villas and to actually be here was a wonderful feeling. The Balinese style decor caught my attention the moment I arrived here.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Main bedroom

Here is an area to do work on the computer for anyone who is on a business holiday. The rooms also have a flat screen TV as does the lounge area. I had the choice of relaxing in air conditioned comfort or sitting out in the lounge area to watch TV.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Main bedroom

I was surprised at how spacious the bathrooms are at these villas. They are very clean and just as good if not better than I anticipated for a 5 star establishment such as the Lumbini Villas and Spa.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Bathroom

Turning to my right from the picture above is the bath and shower area. The outdoor gardens in the corner made me feel close to nature while being in high end luxury.

Lumbini Villas and Spa - Bathroom

By the time I was ready to leave the Lumbini Villas and Spa, I honestly didn't want to leave. I was feeling completely and totally rested and relaxed even from the first day I arrived here.

The staff looked after me very well and attended to any of my needs promptly and with a big smile. They treated me as though I was a good friend or a family member. The food was delicious and they offer a great selection on their menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All in all I can confidently say that the Lumbini Villas and Spa is even better than I first expected before staying here. I've noticed reviews of other guests who have stayed here and many talk about the Lumbini in very high regard much like myself.

Jimbaran beach is only 5 minutes walk away and there you will find many different beachfront cafes and restaurants that are well worth visiting. Personally I hope to be able to stay here again in the future because it truly is a very nice resort.

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