Lippo Mall Kuta

The Lippo Mall Kuta is a new shopping mall conveniently located in Kuta, Bali. The mall is pretty much brand new as you can see from my pictures. I was here in late 2013 and below are the pictures I took during my visit.

Inside I found that it was very quiet as I expect that not too many people know about this shopping mall yet being so new. Also there weren't very many stores in the mall.

I only found a few stores that were completed and open for customers. This mall was built fast however, so it won't be too long before plenty more stores will be here.

After going up the escalator and first walking into the shopping mall, this is how it looked. It's very clean, new and modern inside with a western style.

Bali Shopping - Lippo Mall Kuta

I took another picture on the same level and I was surprised how big this mall is.

Bali Shopping - Lippo Mall Kuta

I was looking down to the ground level next to the balcony in this picture. There's some stores open for business on the lower level. 

Bali Shopping - Lippo Mall Kuta

This is another picture taken further down showing a different angle of the ground level. There were still some stores open downstairs too but as time goes on there will be plenty more stores in this huge shopping mall.

Bali Shopping - Lippo Mall Kuta

I had a quick look in this store and it appeared to be brand new inside.

Bali Shopping - Lippo Mall Kuta

This is another one of the stores open for business in the mall. These friendly Balinese locals were happy to do a photo.

Bali Shopping - Lippo Mall Kuta

After wandering around a little bit I noticed a planet sports store here.

Bali Shopping - Lippo Mall Kuta

The mall is quite new and it seems there are still many stores yet to be built. I expect this shopping mall to be a huge tourist attraction in the near future due to its size and in particular the location.

It's only about 10 minutes walk from Kuta Square along Jalan Kartika Plaza. Not too far away from Discovery Shopping Mall. 

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