Legian Beach

Legian beach is the next beach north of Kuta beach. I like coming to this beach sometimes because it's less likely to be crowded than Kuta beach. The reason being is Kuta is the most common tourist area in Bali. Being next to Kuta however it can get quite busy on the beach but generally it does have a relatively laid back atmosphere.

This is the view of the beach I had when I was laying on my towel relaxing after a swim. Like all the Bali beaches, the view is amazing with the white sandy beach and blue ocean. On this particular day it was very hot and sunny so I was laying in a shady area. There's lots of trees to get good shade up and down the beach from back here where I was sitting in this picture.

Legian Beach

In this picture you can see the lady carrying a basket with necklaces, bracelets and some other stuff that she had made. She was walking around the beach trying to sell her products. They were very good but I didn't buy any ;)

Usually there are less locals trying to sell their products here than down at Kuta beach. The reason being is that there are generally more tourists in the Kuta region of Bali.

Legian Beach - Locals selling goods

I found this section of the beach where there was hardly anyone around. It's not hard to find quiet sections on the beach here which is really nice. There has been times I have come here and seen very few people on the entire beach. Other times though I have seen many people here. This is approximately where Legian beach starts and Kuta beach ends.

Legian Beach

A little further up Legian beach, there are deck chairs with umbrellas where it's very relaxing to lay back watching the peaceful ocean views. This picture is facing south towards Kuta beach.

Legian Beach

This is facing north towards Seminyak beach. It's quite a long beach too which is great for a morning walk along the beach.

Legian Beach - Looking north towards Seminyak Beach

It's usually less crowded here than down at Kuta beach so it's a great place to sunbath and enjoy the peace and quiet. It's not usually too hard to find available deck chairs. Just a tip though, sometimes you will have to pay a small fee to use the deck chairs. Someone will usually approach you asking for some money when you sit down in them but it doesn't cost much.

Legian Beach

The views here are really nice and always makes me feel at total peace every time I visit any of the beautiful Bali beaches.

Legian Beach

For the surfers there is locals hiring out surfboards and also selling other products such as towels, ice creams, suntan lotions etc. There is lots of trees at the back of the beach. If you prefer to sit in the shade while enjoying the beach views, there's plenty of trees to sit under. Sometimes on really hot days I will sit back here under the shady trees.

Legian Beach - Surfboards for hire

At Legian beach there are less locals approaching the tourists trying to sell their merchandise. Although on occasion it still does happen from time to time however it's much less frequent than at Kuta beach.

For anyone who wants to visit the beach and not be overly bombarded by locals trying to sell their products, this is a great beach to come to. It's also quite close to all the common tourist attractions in Kuta so you don't really have to travel too far to get here for anyone who is staying in Kuta.

Kuta beach is still a great beach to visit as is any of the beautiful beaches all around Bali. I just think that some tourists may get a little annoyed by too many locals trying to sell products when they just want to relax. This does happen on Kuta beach but here it's a lot less likely to happen.

Tip: This is probably something many readers already know, but be careful how long you spend in the sun without sunscreen. I remember one time I became quite burnt in a short space of time. I was surprised how fast it happened. I later tanned which was good but it's wise to be careful in the sun in Bali because it gets quite hot here.

This is why I wanted to point out in the last picture above that there are nice shady areas on the beach too. I do like sunbathing but only for a short amount of time. After that I go to the shady areas under the trees.

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