La Plancha

La Plancha is probably one of my favorite places on Seminyak beach. I have a few different favorites around Bali and this is one of them. The best part is you can have a meal and some drinks while sitting in a beanbag on the beach. From there you can enjoy picturesque views of the Bali sunsets.

It kind of has that really laid back vibe as you can see more clearly in the video I made below. Whenever I visit Seminyak beach, I always end up dropping in here and relaxing for a while. I often find many tourists here as well as locals too.

La Plancha beach club video

This is the La Plancha beach club. I took this picture standing in the water on Seminyak beach. It's a very colourful place and has a really laid back comfortable atmosphere. It's a great place to come and relax on the beach.

La Plancha - Seminyak Beach

Here is restaurant and bar area. If you prefer you can sit on the tables here and grab a meal or have a few drinks.

La Plancha - restaurant and bar area

Sitting in the upstairs area is sometimes really nice and relaxing with great views. It's also a great place to see the sunsets too. I took this picture from the second level.

La Plancha - The upstairs area

Many people come here to capture the amazing views of the Bali sunsets. This is a great place to come both during the day and night.

La Plancha - Seminyak Beach

There are 2 levels so you can always sit up on the balcony if you prefer. Personally I usually sit down on the beach in the beanbags.

La Plancha - Seminyak Beach

This is the view looking south as I was sitting in one of the beanbags. I always notice lots of people gather all the way along the beach as it approaches sunset. Not surprising because the sunsets in Bali are truly amazing to see. It's a common trend to see many people all the way along the Bali beaches with their cameras at sunset.

La Plancha - Looking south

This is the view facing north. There are other beach clubs up and down Seminyak beach. The sand here is really soft and it makes me feel totally relaxed laying back in the beanbags on the beach.

La Plancha - Looking north

On this particular day I arrived a bit later closer to sunset so there was lots of people gathering on the beach. Sometimes at this time of day it can be hard to get a beanbag on the beach.

Tip: If you plan to come to here and see the Bali sunsets, it's a good idea to come a few hours earlier than sunset to get one of the beanbags. Sometimes you might have to wait until one is available or just use the chairs.

La Plancha - Lots of people gather awaiting the beautiful sunsets seen from here

The nice views of the ocean that you have while relaxing on the beach is the main attraction for tourists. It's great to go for a swim and then wonder back to the beanbags enjoying the views.

I noticed someone flying a kite so I thought I would take a photo of it. It's a common trend for the Balinese locals to fly their kites not only on the beaches but everywhere around Bali.

La Plancha - Kites are a common trend for the Balinese

These are the beanbags that you can lay back in while enjoying the beautiful views. Those white tables glow in the dark and change colours which is quite unique.

La Plancha - Beanbags on the beach

The blissful sunsets are what many people come to see. Laying in the beanbags with views like this, it's hard not to feel at total peace.

This is La Plancha at night time when I was on the beach. The tables next to the beanbags are all glowing and changing colours. This place really glows in the dark and has all different colours everywhere. It's quite a scene at night.

La Plancha - nightlife view

There is a great restaurant and bar here so it's a good place to wine and dine or simply just relax. I think this is a really cool place with a lot of character to it. It's quite a popular beach club too and has lots of guests everyday of the week.

La Plancha is the kind of place that you can spend hours relaxing. You can have lunch, dinner & drinks and a few swims in between. Before you know it the day has slipped by without even noticing.

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