Kuta Square

This is where many locals and tourists do their Bali shopping. Kuta Square is located in the heart of Kuta, Bali. Here is where you will find many international and local brands, cafes, restaurants, department stores and more. I have visited this area many times and I always find it entertaining just walking around through here.

There is always lots going on and many friendly Balinese locals greeting everyone as they walk past. It's a great place for the shopaholics to indulge in some retail therapy. Some of the international brand stores include Nike, Billabong, Reebok, Hugo boss and more.

Video walking through Kuta Square

The pictures below are an overview of Kuta Square and this video is what it's like to walk through here.

This is the entry point from the southern side off Jalan Kartika Plaza road. I had to wait till the traffic passed till I could cross the road here. It's often busy with motorbikes and cars going through.

Kuta Square - Southern entry point to Kuta Square

While I was waiting for the traffic I took another picture showing the famous Mcdonalds sign at the start of the street. There are other western restaurants and retail stores here and around other parts of Bali.

Kuta Square - Mcdonalds sign ;)

When you see famous yellow arches of Mcdonalds you will be sure to know you're going the right direction. There is a Mcdonalds restaurant about half way down the street.

Kuta Square - Mcdonalds sign close up. This is right before walking down the main street .

Every time I have been here I see motorbikes parked on the side from one end of the street to the other. It's like this on both sides of the roads all the time. It's a very popular area here and difficult to find a park if you're riding a bike.

If I am riding I usually park a couple of streets away or behind the Kuta art markets near Kuta beach. It's more likely to find a park there than on this main street. It's only about 5 minutes walk from Kuta beach to here.

To get there, take a left turn from where I took this picture. That will take you to the Kuta art market where there is another parking area for bikes.

Kuta Square - Bikes parked one end of the street to the other.

All the way along the street there are big advertising billboards promoting many different international labels such as Reebok, Billabong, Nike etc. I think it looks pretty cool seeing all the different billboards along the street.

Kuta Square - Advertising Billboards

I took this photo from the northern end of Kuta Square facing south. Just like the other side of the road, there are motorbikes parked all the way down here too.

There wasn't much traffic on the road at this time which was surprising. It's often bumper to bumper traffic through here with cars and bikes slowly coming through.

Kuta Square - Entry point from the northen end heading south down Kuta Square

The famous Mcdonalds sign again that nobody can miss ;) This is about half way down the street so you can always grab some Mcdonalds anytime. There are also other places to chose from through here where you can find a nice meal.

Kuta Square - The big Mcdonalds sign half way down the street

Kuta Square is definitely a very popular tourist attraction in Kuta, Bali. Perhaps one of the main places in Kuta that many people do their Bali shopping. There are many different retail stores to browse including international labels.

Close to Mcdonalds is one of the biggest department stores in Kuta, The Matahari Shopping Centre. There are 4 levels in the Matahari which are full of clothing, accessories, cosmetics and everything else in between. They also have a post office and grocery store in there too. Well worth taking a look at. They often have some pretty good bargains in there. Sometimes I have bought items from the Matahari at similar prices to the street stores.

I have bought a few things from different places around here and occasionally I pick up a few bargains. It's not always easy to find bargains in some of the international retail stores though. On the other hand compared to western prices they are still relatively good prices.

Unlike the small street shops and markets around Bali, it's not possible to bargain with the seller here. There are however frequent sales where you can get 50% off and sometimes more.

This is one of the main shopping attractions in Kuta. There are also other common attractions close by such as Kuta beach, Kuta art market, bars and restaurants.

Where is Kuta Square?

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