Kuta Art Market

The Kuta Art Market is a great place for Bali Shopping. I have been here many times and always find some good bargains. I have managed to pick up some international brands for surprisingly cheap.

For example, I bought a few Billabong shirts for about $20 AU each which is less than half the price you might expect to pay in a western country. Another example, I picked up some Nike shorts, a few pairs in the one purchase for less than $10 AU (80,000 RP) which is a steal!

Kuta Art Market Video

This is a video I made at the art markets. It gives you a better idea than my pictures below of what it's actually like at the Kuta Art Markets in real life.

You can see more of the art markets in this second video here.

This photo was taken when I was walking along the outside of where the markets are. There are many small pathways through the markets with lots of different stores.

Kuta Art Markets

This friendly Balinese local has become familiar with me because I picked up a few good bargains from her on different occasions. She runs a clothing store with some international brands such as Nike and Billabong. In the background of the picture she has some Bali Batik products.

Kuta Art Market

This is one of the pathways that runs through the markets. Either side of all the hidden pathways are lots of stores. The Balinese store owners always try to sell their products as people walk past.

You can also bargain the prices down with the seller. It's actually advised to do that and they expect it. Usually you can bargain the prices down 50% of the original asking price if you're persistent. Sometimes even more.

Kuta Art Markets

This particular store had lots of linen products. Here it shows Bintang towels plus other different kinds of towels. Bintang is the common beer in Bali.

Anyone who goes to Bali will see this label around quite a bit, particularly on people's tank tops and T-shirts. You can pick up decent sized beach towels for less than $5 AU.

Kuta Art Market

I found this store in the markets that has Jim Beam and Adidas T-shirts. You could probably pick up 2 or 3 of those labels in one purchase for something like 70,000 RP (Around $6 - $7 AU with a little bargaining). That is very cheap!

Kuta Art Market

This is another one of the pathways that run through the art markets. Sometimes they are quite crowded with lots of people doing their Bali shopping.

Kuta Art Markets

There is always a wide variety of clothing that people can buy. Not only international brands but lots of the locally made products are really good .

Kuta Art Market

This is another clothing store I found that had lots of good T-shirts, shorts and tank tops. Sometimes if you're looking for a certain item and one store doesn't have it, the store owner will go around to other stores and find it for you. The art market is a friendly environment and the people working here are like a close community.

Kuta Art Market

Down this pathway had a variety of different stores including accessories, clothing, art and handicraft stores.

Kuta Art Markets

This art store has some amazing pieces of aft. Definitely worth stopping and taking a look. There are lots of art stores at the Kuta art markets. It's quite incredible how talented some of the Balinese people are. The man who owned this store does all his own paintings.

Kuta Art Market - Art works

You can find lots of different places to buy a good pair of sunglasses for very cheap. In Bali it's a good idea to wear sunglasses because of the frequent bright sunny days. You can pick up a good pair of sunglasses for less than $5 AU (50,000 RP approx).

Kuta Art Markets

It's convenient to know that there is a money changer at the Kuta art market. This one is a reputable establishment with the "PVA Berizin" banner out the front.

Tip: Whenever you need to change money in Bali, always keep an eye out for the green "PVA Berizin" banner on the window out the front. These are the most reliable money changers in Bali. Click here for more information on changing money in Bali.

Kuta Art Markets - Currency exchange

This lady is very friendly and sold me a few great bargains. I managed to pick up a few Bali T-shirts for less than $8 AU.

Kuta Art Market

I found another art store here. There are some amazing paintings in her store. She also has other little handicrafts for sale.

Kuta Art Market - Art works

Here are a few stores that had lots of different items that are quite useful. Not only does the art markets have great works of art hence the name, there's lots of other kinds of stores around here too.

Kuta Art Market - Micsellaneous products

I came across this store that has some really cool handicrafts which this lady makes herself. She also sells shoes and bags and other useful products.

Kuta Art Market - Bali Handicrafts

Another thing commonly seen at the Kuta art market is wood carving stores.

Kuta Art Markets - Bali Woodcarvings

The Kuta art market is a great place to come for Bali shopping and even just browsing around. They are open everyday and also many of the stores stay open into the evening.

Kuta Art Markets

Some styles of Balinese art found at the markets

Where is the Kuta Art Market?

To get here is not too hard. You just have to head north along Jalan Kartika Plaza towards Kuta Square and take a left into Jalan Bakung Sari and you're there.

Check out the map for the details.

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