Kelan Beach

I actually came across Kelan beach by accident one day when I was lost trying to find my way around. I am glad I found this place though because it's a very relaxing and peaceful beach. I also found this great little place called Wali Beach Cafe which is up on the northern end of the beach. In the water there are views of many fishing boats. There is a number of restaurants along the beach down past the Wali Beach Cafe some of which are quite modern.

From the beach there are panoramic views of fishing boats in the water everywhere. It seems to be a popular location for the fisherman in Bali. There is also a fish market nearby to this area. From where this picture was taken I was just south of Ngurah Rai International Airport.

On the right hand side of the picture is the end of the runway where the planes come in. It's very relaxing to be sitting here watching all the fishing boats in the water as the planes are landing.

This picture was taken while I was sitting right next to the Wali Beach Cafe. You can also see some more of those fishing boats in the water. In this picture you can see some restaurant tables that actually reside directly on the beach. A number of different restaurants all with beachfront views are along the beach further down from where I took this photo.

The restaurant shown in this picture with the tables on the beach also has terraces inside. Customers can either dine on the terraces or directly on the beach. All while enjoying the views of the beach and the fishing boats in the peaceful waters.

Kelan Beach - View from the northern end looking south towards Jimbaran

Kelan beach great little place to come for an adventure and it's quite a scene to see all the boats and the beach restaurants. The way they have set it up so that the tables are literally on the beach is a very unique setting that I haven't ever seen before coming here.

It's not as well known to tourists here compared to places like Kuta beach. But that can be a pleasant change because it's a lot more of a peaceful and tranquil kind of environment here. It really was a pleasant surprise to find this beach by accident and I am glad I did. It's definitely a place I enjoy coming to.

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