Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran beach is one place I like to go for the beach front cafes and restaurants. Each time I've been here I always find some new interesting dish to try because there's quite a few different places to go. It's also a great location to see the sunsets in Bali.

Jimbaran is about 10 - 15 minutes south of Kuta past the airport. So if you're staying in Kuta and it's too crowded up there, it's not too far to come down to Jimbaran.

I was looking south when I took this picture. Generally it's a lot less populated here than other more common beaches around Bali. That makes it ideal for those who enjoy a quiet relaxing time on the beach.

Jimbaran Beach - Facing south

These are some of the cafes along the beach.

Jimbaran Beach

I am facing north when I took this picture. It was pretty quiet on this particular day with only a few people on the beach. Around sunset there are often more people that come down to the beach for dinner and drinks.

Jimbaran Beach - Facing north

The airport is up where the beach ends. Further past the airport on the other side is Kuta beach. Sometimes you can see planes coming and going from here. A short walk up the beach from here would take you to Kelan beach.

Jimbaran Beach

One thing I really like about Jimbaran beach is how some of the cafes and restaurants have tables sitting on the beach. You can actually have a formal dinner type setting while relaxing on the beach.

Jimbaran Beach -  Tables on the beach

Quite a few different places have tables up and down the beach so there is a good variety of places to go.

Jimbaran Beach

Sitting back enjoying a nice meal with views like this on the beach is my idea of a perfect holiday experience. Uluwatu is another town of Bali further south of Jimbaran. Uluwatu is located where the land meets the ocean in this picture I took.

Jimbaran Beach -  Ocean views

Jimbaran beach stretches out for quite a distance so it's nice to take long walks. It would take quite a while to walk from one end of the beach to the other. Further down the beach in this picture there are also some hotels and villas.

Jimbaran Beach

Some of the cafes and restaurants also have deck chairs. You can lay back in one of those and enjoy the ocean views. Another good thing about this part of Bali is nobody will try to charge for sitting in the deck chairs. Sometimes that can happen in other parts of Bali such as Seminyak beach. They might try to charge a few dollars for tourists to use the deck chairs. I haven't experienced that here so that's a plus.

Jimbaran Beach - Deck chairs

This is definitely a great place to go if you enjoy more quiet beaches with less tourists than other parts of Bali. Sometimes more people come to the beach in the late afternoons and evenings because of the sunsets.

Jimbaran is also conveniently located being approximately 10 minutes away from common attractions and entertainment.

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