Indonesian Currency

Indonesian Rupiah

The Indonesian Currency is known as "Rupiah". The general abbreviation for Rupiah is (RP). For example you reference RP.100,000 with the RP preceding the figure. Another form can be: 100,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

In everyday verbal communication, the Indonesians usually abbreviate when they refer to Rupiah. For example they will say "one million" instead of "one million Rupiah" or "two hundred" instead of "two hundred rupiah" and so on. It's a good idea to be familiar with how they talk to avoid confusion and potentially save you money!

IDR is the ISO currency code for Indonesian Rupiah.

Indonesian Currency Banknotes

These are the banknote denominations for Indonesian Currency.


Indonesian Currency Banknote 100,000 Rupiah


Indonesian Currency Banknote 50,000 Rupiah


Indonesian Currency Banknote 20,000 Rupiah


Indonesian Currency Banknote 10,000 Rupiah


Indonesian Currency Banknote 5000 Rupiah


Indonesian Currency Banknote 2000 Rupiah

I would advise that you gain some understanding of the currency before embarking on your trip to Bali because it can be somewhat confusing for many international tourists. It took me sometime to get used to the currency.

One thing that can confuse many people is the number of zeros in the banknotes. The information below gives you an idea of the banknote denominations and the currency conversion rates for each.

Banknotes and all those zeros!

Rupiah has more zeros than in western currency. This can sometimes be confusing with the banknotes if you're not used to it. It can be a common mistake to confuse one note with another if you're unfamiliar with the currency.

It's particularly common to make mistakes in a busy, crowded tourist area where you may have people waiting behind you at a shopping counter. Take your time and make sure you look closely at the banknotes as this is a common confusion for many tourists.

The table below gives you a clear understanding about how much Indonesian currency is worth in Australian and American currencies respectively.

Note: The currency conversion rates do regularly change. The figures shown in the table below are as of June 2014. To obtain the most up-to-date currency conversion rates use our currency converter above.

Indonesian Currency Conversion Table

Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Australian Dollar (AUD) United States Dollar (USD)
RP.100,000 $9.12 $8.45
RP.50,000 $4.56 $4.22
RP.20,000 $1.82 $1.69
RP.10,000 $0.91 $0.84
RP.5000 $0.46 $0.42
RP.2000 $0.18 $0.17
RP.1000 $0.09 $0.08

Changing money in Bali
- Useful Tips

When it comes to changing money in Bali it's best to go to a reputable establishment. Usually these are approved by the Bank of Indonesia. You should see some kind of sign outside the building that highlights this. It will say that it's an authorised money changer with the banner shown in green. On the banner it will also say PVA Berizin. Look for that sign outside the places you convert money to ensure you are dealing with someone reputable.

The PVA Berizin Logo can be found at many money changer outlets throughout Bali. Here is what it looks like.

PVA Berizin Banner

Another Banner that will also be on some but not all outlets is this one below.

Authorized Money Changer Banner

It's very easy to find money changers throughout Bali. They will always have clear signs that you can't miss.

Money Changer in Bali

It is possible to have your money changed at most hotels and other establishments around Bali however it's recommended that you seek out the authorised money changers. Keep an eye out for the up-to-date exchange rates in the newspapers so you know what to expect when you're having your money converted.


Make sure when you are at a money changer that you count your money twice before you hand it over. Even triple check if any doubts. Indicate to the money changer at the counter that you have counted it clearly by doing so in front of him. If they wish to count the money after you have handed it to them, make sure to tell them exactly what is there and that they have seen you count it several times in front of them.

Tip: I found that you will likely receive a higher conversion rate in Bali than your home country. It may be a good idea to wait till you're in Bali to change your money. Eg: At the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali and even higher conversion rates elsewhere throughout Bali.

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