Indonesian Business Visa

Indonesian Business Visa Requirements

  • Applicants who are intending to carry out business activities in Indonesia are allocated a business visa through the Indonesian Embassy
  • This visa is required for applicants who also wish to attend seminars and conferences that are not related to any form of monetary payments

Single Entry

  • 60 days maximum days in Indonesia
  • Applicants who require extensions in the event their business exceeds 60 days will require a formal letter of approval from the Indonesian Immigration Office
  • Approval letter from the Indonesian Office of Immigration for Indonesian business visa

Multiple Entry Visa

  • Allocated by the Indonesian Immigration Office in Indonesia
  • Requires approval and once approved the applicant must then apply to have the visa issued after the required documents have been submitted
  • It’s advised that the applicant for the Multiple Entry Visa have their connection in Indonesia apply locally on their behalf
  • Visa valid for 12 months
  • The application should be for only business purposes
  • Initial validity of the visa will be 3 months starting from the date it is issued
  • The application should include a self addressed pre-paid envelope to allow passport to be posted back to the applicant
  • Visa will only be issued on the approval of the Indonesian Immigration Office in Indonesia
  • Visa will be issued usually within 5 – 10 days if all the required documents have been completed correctly

Required Documents

  • Bank statement to show applicant can afford to cover costs for the intended stay in Indonesia
  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport photograph
  • Applicants passport with at least 6 months validity

Applications should include the following:

  • Letter of approval from Immigration Office in Indonesia if the intended business exceed 60 days or to attend any conferences and seminars that are of business nature
  • Additional letters including: Letter of recommendation from a sponsor in Indonesia, letter of employment and recommendation from the applicants firms within their home country. The letter should indicate the duration and the purpose of the visit to Indonesia. It should also highlight the responsibility of living costs / accommodation costs
  • A copy of itinerary showing and two way ticket in and out of Indonesia, or ticket to another destination
  • An invitation letter from the host of any conferences highlighting the nature and expected during of the conference / seminar
  • The applicant who is visiting Indonesia for business purposes will be allocated a visa by the Indonesian Consulate upon approval of their application
  • Fees for the single entry visa is $60.00 AUD and for multiple entry $165.00 AUD
  • No cash payments will be accepted. Fees must be paid by money order, check, debit card or credit card
  • Applicants who plan to visit restricted regions such as Maluku, Papua and Aceh must obtain special approval. Contact the Indonesian Embassy for more information
  • Visa is usually issued between 5 – 10 working days if all the required documents are completed correctly

Note: There are no refunds on incomplete or unsuccessful applications. Make sure you provide all the necessary documentation.

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