Bali Dry Season

Bali only has 2 seasons, the wet season and the dry season. It's quite rare that you will see any much rain at all. Though on some occasions it can still rain on some afternoons for a short period of time. There is no winter, autumn, spring or summer in Bali. From my experience I have found that it seems to be warmer in the wet season in Bali.

Bali is located approximately 8 degrees south of the equator. The dry and wet seasons are typical for any country this close to the equator.

When is the dry season?

This season is typically between the months of May and October. During the peak of the season is when there is slightly higher temperatures than the start of the season. The average temperature range during this season is approximately 28° C - to 32° C (82.4° F - 89.4° F) however it can sometimes go outside this range.

Visiting Bali in the dry season

This is the most popular time to visit Bali due to the consistent sunny days. If you plan to visit Bali during this period you will only need to take summer clothes with you. Maybe also take some light warm clothing in the event some evenings are a bit cooler. Most of the time though you will only need light summer clothing. It's also a great time to experience all the outdoor activities Bali has to offer. Such as outdoor adventure tours and water sports and activities.

It's quite often a lot more challenging to seek out Bali hotels and other accommodation options due to the increased demand from tourists. It's a good idea to plan way in advance for those planning to visit Bali during this time of the year.

I personally enjoy Bali more in the wet season. Although it does rain a bit more it never really rains for that long the times that it does rain. The main reason I like Bali more in the wet season is because it seems to be warmer weather than in the dry season. This is mostly because of the higher humidity.

I found that it was never too cold to swim during the wet season even during the evenings. On some days it does actually get quite hot when it's the wet season. It still does get hot during both of the seasons in Bali all year around however I could feel it more during the wet season. I enjoy swimming and nice warm weather so for me personally I prefer visiting Bali when it is the wet season. Although it is great weather all year around in Bali, there seems to be less cold nights and cool days during the wet seasons.

Tips about the dry season

  • You may feel a bit of a shock when first arriving in Bali because it's quite hot and humid. Make sure you drink lots of bottled water more than you would normally drink back home. This is because your body will take time adjusting to the change in climate. You will become dehydrated quickly if you don't keep the fluids up.
  • The roads and sand can become very hot because of the consistent sun. Make sure you always have shoes or thongs on when walking on the beach and on cement footpaths. You can burn yourself if you're not careful.
  • keep in mind if you're riding a motorbike that the seats can became very hot if the bike is sitting in the sun. Try to park the bikes in the shade if you're out and about. You will find when you come back to the bike that the seats are very hot if left in the sun.
  • Always wear strong sunscreen. Although this is pretty much a common sense piece of advice, you should make more effort to do this during this season because you will burn a lot faster than you think.

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