Discovery Shopping Mall

The Discovery shopping mall is a big shopping centre located on Jalan Kartika Plaza in Kuta, Bali. I have bought quite a few things from here before and there is a good variety of stores to choose from. It's very much like a western style shopping mall inside.

The mall is located on Jalan Kartika Plaza just south of Kuta Square. This is the front of the mall. It's pretty hard to miss with this big sign out of the front.

Discovery Shopping Mall - Front

Inside the mall itself is quite big. There are 3 levels of stores in this shopping mall. You can find a good variety of stores in here. There is also some western brand stores in here such as Billabong and Quicksilver.

Discovery Shopping Mall

This is coming down the escalator from the 3rd level inside the mall. This place reminds me of any shopping mall I would expect to see in a western country. Mostly it's the tourists who do their shopping at Discovery.

The prices here can be a bit more expensive than some of the other places to shop in Bali. However that being said I still found that generally things are cheaper than what you would expect to pay in western countries.

Discovery Shopping Mall

Centro is much like K-mart or Wal-mart. In this department store they have Balinese merchandise as well as products from international labels. Like any department store you will find lots of variety in here. In Centro they clothes, shoes, kitchen amenities, household utilities, furniture, electrical goods and plenty more.

Discovery Shopping Mall - Centro

On the lower level from the outside of Discovery there is a great sports store, Planet Sports. For all those sporty people, this is the place to find anything you need related to sporting goods.

Discovery Shopping Mall - Planet Sports

At the mall there are some great places to eat and have a few drinks. There is well known places such as KFC, Burger king, Pizza Hut as well as other establishments where they serve Balinese dishes.

They also have some great restaurants at the back of the shopping mall with beautiful views of the ocean. On some nights I have seen an outdoor free cinema showing movies on a big screen. I'm not sure they do this all the time though but I have seen it there a couple of times in the past. I have also seen live bands performing out the back of the mall too.

It depends on the time and the day but sometimes they do have events going on at the back of the shopping mall which can be quite entertaining.

Where is the Discovery Shopping Mall?

To find the Discovery is quite easy. It's situated next to the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel. Only about 5 minutes walking distance from Kuta Square. For tourists who stay in Kuta it's in an ideal convenient location. Here are the details for the Discovery Shopping Mall.

Address: Jalan Kartika Plaza Road, Kuta Bali

Phone: +62 361 755522

Website :

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