Cocoon Beach Club

The Cocoon Beach Club is located in Seminyak directly adjacent to Seminyak beach. This is a high-end luxurious club with a laid back comfortable ambience. Popular among the tourists, the Cocoon is the perfect place to lay in one of the cabana beds sipping on a cocktail by the sparkling pool. It's also a great place to come for nightlife entertainment.

Cocoon Beach Club Video

Everytime I come here it makes me feel like I'm in a small piece of paradise. The Cocoon has stunning views of Seminyak beach where you can lay back on the sunbeds letting yourself unwind.

Cocoon Beach Club - Overlooking the pool and Seminyak Beach

There are panoramic views of the beach. They also have a private pool if you prefer to take a swim in there. This is a high end upper class kind of place but it has a really laid back vibe about it too which is great. Although it is upper class, you can walk in here in shorts and a tank top and go for a swim.

Cocoon Beach Club - Overlooking the pool and Seminyak Beach

This is the restaurant inside on the lower level. They also have tables outside. You can come here both during the day at night. It's one the popular nightspots in Seminyak. You can have dinner and drinks till late here.

Cocoon Beach Club - Restaurant

This is the upstairs bar area. It usually becomes a lot busier during the evenings in the upstairs section.

Cocoon Beach Club - Upstairs bar

Looking down from the upstairs balcony shows the view of the outdoor area for the restaurant downstairs.

Cocoon Beach Club - View from upstairs

This is the views from the upstairs balcony. From here you can see some breathtaking sunsets while overlooking Seminyak beach.

Cocoon Beach Club - View from upstairs

This is when first walking to the outside area where the swimming pool is after walking through the restaurant. You can also relax and have a few drinks or something to eat out here. The staff regularly come around and serve the guests.

Cocoon Beach Club - Lower level outside area with swimming pool

The cabana beds are so relaxing to lay in. I have relaxed in these a few times and it's great. It feels like the lap of luxury laying in those sipping on a drink after a dip in the swimming pool on a beautiful sunny day.

Cocoon Beach Club - Cabana beds

The Cocoon Beach Club is a luxury kind of place with a welcoming atmosphere. During the day it's ideal to come here and have a swim while listening to music watching the views. At night you can come for dinner in a nice restaurant and then sit by the pool on the deck chairs or cabana beds and have some drinks.

Another great thing I have noticed is the staff go out of their way to make sure the guests are attended to and well looked after. If you're sitting by the pool and nearly finished your drink, a staff member will be not far away waiting to serve you another. This is definitely the kind of place where you can unwind, relax and be treated with the friendly Balinese hospitality.

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