Bali Wood Carvings

I am always impressed by the art in Bali. The Bali wood carvings are just one of many examples that shows how talented the Balinese artists are at their craft.

I have seen various different markets and art stores around Bali that shows some incredible wood carvings designed by the wood sculptors in Bali. I have taken some photos shown below of these magnificent works of art.

This display of word carvings shows some small wooden statues of Buddha as well as some other styles of carvings. The sculptor who owned this store told me he creates these wood carvings for a living.

These particular carvings are only relatively small in size compared to some of the other designs I have seen. However they still require just as much dedication to complete.

The designer told me it can take up to a few hours to create the basic design from one piece of wood for a carving of this size. Which surprised me they can do this kind of work in just a few hours time.

Bali Wood Carvings - Balinese and religious figures

This wooden elephant is an amazing piece of wood carving art. This picture doesn't really highlight how detailed it really is. But when I first saw this I was shocked at how detailed and perfect the design of it appeared to be.

It's hard to imagine that the Bali wood carvers can create these out of one piece of wood. This particular Bali wood carving of the elephant is a bit bigger than those from the above picture at approximately 50cm width and 30cm height.

Bali Wood Carvings - Elephant

Animals are a common theme used in the wood carvings that I came across from different art stores and markets. All of which are completely unique from each other and flawless works of art.

If I was a critic I would have a hard time finding even the slightest imperfection in any of the Bali wood carvings I have seen before.

These 2 horses are a bit bigger than the elephant pictured above. Also shown here is a little dog and a mystical dragon figure.

Bali Wood Carvings - Horses, dragon and dog

This eagle would be a great looking figure to have in a lounge room cabinet. To me it looks exactly the same as a real life eagle and it's approximately the same size too.

Bali Wood Carvings - Eagles

These mystical dragon wood carvings is another theme I often see in different art stores. All of which are different from each other. They are a Balinese traditional style kind of wood carving and I have seen different variations of this kind of dragon.

Bali Wood Carvings - Mystical dragons

This large wood carved horse really caught my attention. The size of it stands more than half my height at approximately 1.5 meters high. I asked 'Smarty' who was the owner and creator of these carvings how long it took him to create this horse.

He told me it took him about 5 days or so which amazed me. I would have thought it would take weeks or even months to create something like this.

Bali Wood Carvings - Horses

This is the famous "Barong Dragon' which is an iconic Balinese theme. The Barong dragon is used is art, dance and represents the Balinese culture.

Bali Wood Carvings - Barong dragon

These are some wood carvings that would be used to hang on a wall. Again like all the other wood carvings I have seen they have absolutely incredible detail.

Bali Wood Carvings - Wall hanging wood carvings

I met this guy who calls himself "Smarty". He creates all the wood carvings in his store and sells them to the tourists to support his family. He told me that he created every single one of the wood carvings in his store.

He started learning how to do this as a young child taught by his father. Many of the Balinese learn different forms of art at a very young age passed on from generation to generation. It's no wonder their skills in art are so impressive.

The Balinese people are incredibly talented in many different forms of art as this is part of their culture. After speaking with a few of the Bali wood carvers, I learned that they can create a great work of art in a short space of time. However it can take many years of practice to master the skills of making their works of art good enough to sell.

The Bali wood carvings come in many different styles. A few of these include religious and Hindu representations such as Buddha, furniture, animals and mythological figures such as the well known Barong dragon.

I have seen many wood carvings designed by the talented Balinese wood sculptors. It's quite incredible to see the diverse range of creations these wood sculptors create.

The Kuta Art Markets

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