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The Bali weather is basically warm tropical weather all year around. Unlike other places that have the 4 seasons, Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer, Bali simply has the wet and dry seasons. Both of which are very warm. Geographically, Bali is close to the equator (8 degrees south) and as a result, the variation in the daily temperatures is minimal.

The only real significant change with the weather in terms of conditions between with the wet and dry seasons is the rain. You may also experience more breezy conditions in the wet season, however overall the temperatures are within the same area all year around.

Bali Weather - 7 day forecast

Temperature and Humidity

In Bali you can expect an average temperature range between approximately 28° C - to 32° C (82.4° F - 89.4° F) throughout the year. However it may feel significantly higher at times due to the very high humidity in Bali.

The average humidity all year around is between 60% to 90%. In the mountains of Bali it's usually a bit cooler due to the difference in altitude. Temperatures in these higher regions can average approximately 22° C to 26° C (71.6° F to 78.8° F).

Best time to visit Bali?

Between the months of May through to September are the peak times for tourists visiting Bali. This is mostly because it's the dry season. There is little rain and frequent sunny days during this time. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, the beach and surfing then these are the ideal months to visit Bali.

Visit Bali in the wet season?

For many tourists, the wet season in Bali is not a deterrent to visit. There is still sunny days during the wet season and sometimes you may only experience a short heavy shower in the afternoons. Other times however, you may experience heavy rain constantly.

Things to do in the wet season

There is still many activities to be enjoyed in Bali during the wet season. Some of which include water related activities such as swimming, surfing, snorkelling and diving. Although there may be more rainfall in this season, the temperature is still quite warm so you can still enjoy a range of different things to do during this time of year.

Many Balinese are still out and about on rainy days just as though it's a sunny day.All in all you can visit Bali any time of the year and still have an enjoyable memorable holiday.

Bali weather - Wet and dry seasons

Bali has 2 seasons, the wet and dry season. There is no 4 seasons being Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. This is because Bali is a tropical island situated very close to the equator. Wet and dry seasons are normal for a tropical country which is close to the equator.

As the names suggest, the wet season has a lot more rain that the dry season. However usually the rain comes in short bursts during the afternoons generally. The dry season will see much less rain. Sometimes it may not rain for long periods of time during the dry season.

The dry season in Bali

The wet season in Bali

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