Bali Travel Tips

I have added some very useful Bali travel tips here that will be beneficial for anyone planning a holiday to Bali. I am well travelled and as such have learned that travelling to any location abroad requires having some knowledge about it before you leave.

If you're not at all familiar with Bali, the way of life and culture, I recommend that you read through the travel tips I have added here. I assure you that they will better prepare you for your holiday adventures in Bali.

Bali cultural overview

Bali has many archaeological tourist attractions that are guaranteed to impress. There is a very deep spiritual culture in Bali with most of the population following the Hindu religion. Bali, known as the "Island of the Gods" has many historical landmarks.

It's not out of the ordinary to experience lush rice terraces, active volcanoes, white sandy beaches, clear blue ocean, ancient historical temples plus many other tourist activities to experience that will make you never want to leave Bali.

Bali offers many water activities to choose from and also many kinds of adventure tours ranging from energetic to calm. No matter what your holiday plans, there are many activities to experience in Bali that caters for everyone.

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Climate in Bali

There is a very tropical climate in Bali given how close the equator is. All year around it has warm weather so you can enjoy the beach and summer activities no matter what time of the year you decide to visit Bali. That being said, my first travel tip here is you will never have to worry about being cold in Bali :)

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Learn about Bali before your holiday

The travel tips links I have put below are essential key points that people should have some understanding about before travelling to Bali. As I've mentioned before it's wise to do some research and obtain some understanding about the destination you plan to visit prior to your travel.

In my list of travel tips for Bali I've written some information including healthy travel, handling money and understanding the currency in Bali. I've also added other useful tips about shopping, suggested ways to get around and a few more tips. As I experience more about Bali I will be regularly adding more content all the time.

From my own personal experiences of Bali I thought it would be useful to document and highlight some of the things that are very useful to know before travelling. Have a browse through the links below and I hope these tips will be useful for you.

Bali Travel Tips

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