Bali Sunsets

The first time I witnessed the spectacular Bali sunsets I was amazed at how breathtaking they really are to see in real life. Every afternoon on a sunny day it's quite common for tourists to gather on the beaches waiting for the breathtaking sunsets.

It's quite an experience to be relaxing on the beach having a few drinks as the sun slowly sets behind the ocean. It's a common occurrence to see many people gathering on the beaches, beachfront bars, restaurants and clubs awaiting the sunset.

The Bali sunsets are a common attraction for tourists and locals. Bali usually has warm sunny days all year around so it's not hard to capture the amazing sunsets seen in Bali. In this picture many people are gathering on Kuta beach waiting for the sunset with their cameras.

Bali Sunsets - People gathering waiting for the sunset

This picture was taken when I was at Seminyak beach waiting for the sunsets. As the sun slowly sets closer to the horizon it's definitely a view worth seeing. I have taken pictures at different times and places to offer some idea of what it's like. However to really experience the best of it you really need to be there.

Bali Sunsets from Seminyak beach

A few minutes later from the above picture the sun approaches the horizon and shows more of a reflection across the ocean which is absolutely stunning to see. There is people all the way up and down the beach taking pictures and videos of these picturesque Bali sunsets.

Bali Sunsets - Views from the beach

Sometimes the sunsets actually look different from one day to the next depending on how clear the sky is. On this particular day when the sun was setting it seemed quite big. When I see scenes like this in Bali, it reminds me of those kinds of pictures from magazines advertising a holiday destination. It really does look that incredible in real life too.

Bali Sunsets - Seminyak Beach

Following on from the picture above, this was just a few minutes later. The sun becomes more visible as it comes out from behind the cloud.

Bali Sunsets - Seminyak beach

The more the sun emerges from behind the cloud, the more a beautiful the scene becomes. I had heard about the Bali sunsets before I first came here, but when I first saw for myself I was truly amazed by these scenes.

Bali Sunsets - Sun going down behind the horizon

A few minutes later from the picture above the sun is almost in full view from behind the cloud. The reflection across the water becomes more incredible as the sun almost meets the horizon.

Finally the sun meets the horizon showing a scene that you would expect to see in a commercial. It's well worth coming out to the beach to experience the sunsets in Bali.

Bali Sunsets

I took these below pictures on another day before sunset. Here it shows a different kind of scene again because of the cloud cover. It still is a breathtaking scene even though it's not an open clear sky like those pictures I took above.

Bali Sunsets - Sky lights up in red

As the sun lowered down behind the cloud, a blissful view emerged showing a panoramic view of a red sky.

Bali Sunsets

I have seen sunsets in other parts of the world before that are also beautiful. For some reason though, the Bali sunsets are in a class of their own. I think it's to do with the geographical position of Bali that gives the sunsets a different kind of look to other places around the world. They truly are well worth seeing and in Bali they are a popular daily attraction.

There is also many restaurants, beach clubs, pubs and bars where the sunsets can be seen in many different parts of Bali. One of my favorite places to go and see the sunsets is at Seminyak beach simply because it's one of my favorite beaches in Bali. Also because there are some great little restaurants and beach clubs at Seminyak where they offer perfect views of the sunset.

It's possible to experience these breathtaking sunsets from many different Bali beaches though. There is an endless choice of places to see the sunsets in Bali. For anyone who is in Bali or plans to go there and hasn't seen the sunsets yet, I definitely recommend it!

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