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One thing I have learned about Bali shopping is that if you look in the right places you can always find a bargain. Unlike western countries where they have a fixed price on items in a store, in Bali you can bargain with the seller to get cheaper prices.

Usually it's not possible to do this in the bigger shopping malls like Discovery shopping mall. It's more likely to be able to do this in the stores along the streets or at the markets.

Just like any western country there are big shopping malls where tourists often go to for their Bali shopping. Sometimes it can be a bit more expensive in shopping malls compared with stores on the street or markets.

On the other hand, I have found that prices in shopping malls are considerably cheaper than the average prices in a western country.

Places to shop in Bali

Matahari Shopping Centre

Matahari shopping centre is a multi-level department store in the heart of Kuta Square. With a huge selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and plenty more, you will be sure to find lots of great bargains at the Matahari.

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Bali Shopping - Matahari shopping centre

Kutabex Shopping Mall

Kutabex shopping mall is a modern and new shopping centre located along Jalan Pantai Kuta. This modern beachfront shopping centre is a fast growing mall and is ideally located overlooking Kuta beach.

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Bali Shopping - Kutabex shopping mall

Lippo Mall Kuta

If you like big malls then this will be a great place to go for your Bali shopping. Lippo Mall Kuta is one of the newest shopping malls in Kuta and it's only 5 minutes walk from Kuta Square. I took this picture standing out the front of the new mall and to the right of the entrance is new Matahari.

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Kuta Art Market

Kuta art market would have to be one of the most popular markets in Kuta. This is a great place to catch a bargain. Here you will find some amazing works of art, handicrafts, shoes, clothing, travel accessories and plenty more. You can't go past the Kuta art market on your Bali shopping adventures!

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Bali Shopping - Kuta art markets

Discovery Shopping Mall

Discovery shopping mall is relatively big with a western style atmosphere. Located in Kuta, this is a great place to find pretty much anything you would need for your Bali shopping.

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Bali Shopping - Discovery shopping mall

Kuta Square

Kuta square is located in the heart of the thriving tourist area of Kuta. This is a great place to visit even if you're just browsing. Lots of retail stores and international brands. Kuta Square is a popular place for Bali shopping.

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Bali Shopping - Kuta square

Bali Convenience Stores

There are plenty of Bali convenience stores all around common tourist areas. For your daily essentials it's handy to know there is a convenience store close by.

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Bali Shopping - Bali convenience stores

Street shopping in Bali

There is also many stores on the side of the road all around common areas of Bali, particularly in the tourist areas. Sometimes they have some real bargains but you have to be careful not to be over charged for things too.

A few times it's happened to me but I have learned to be more cautious of it. Generally though it's not hard to find some great deals in these stores on the streets around common tourist areas.

Bali Shopping - Stores on the side of the road

Shopping in Bali can actually be quite fun at times because the Balinese people are very friendly and they enjoy bargaining with the tourists. I have learned that it's a way of life in Bali and they even expect people to bargain with them.

It's a good idea to be aware of the occasional seller who many try to overcharge on some products. I have found they only tend to do this if tourists don't attempt to bargain with them.

I remember I read a guide to shopping in Bali at one of the hotels I stayed at and it advised people who are new to Bali to learn how to bargain. I know for some people it might be hard to do this or feels a bit uncomfortable but the Balinese expect it and it's a normal part of the way people shop in Bali.

As I mentioned above though, it's not really possible to bargain the prices down in bigger shopping malls. The best places to bargain with the seller is the street side stores or at any markets.

There are lots of places to go for Bali shopping and find pretty much anything you may need.

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