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Bumpy Bali roads

Those planning to use their own Bali transport should know about the Bali roads before doing so. I thought it would benefit some readers writing about this from my own experience. Some of the roads in Bali are under construction and not in the best condition at all. Not all the roads though, some of the roads are in good condition but there are many that still require a lot of work.

Bali roads under construction

One of the first things I experienced when riding a motorbike on the Bali roads was the fact that many of them are under construction. Some of them were still gravel with construction workers still working on them. They don't have many safety gates or witches hats around them as you might expect in western countries.

I advise to be careful when you see them because they could pop out right in front of you as you're driving or riding past. The picture I took below shows how close the workers are to traffic while repairing the Bali roads with minimal witches hats and no safety gates.

Bali Roads - Bali road workers

Careful around road workers

You should pay close attention and keep an eye out for the road workers when you're driving around the Bali roads. Quite a few times I was riding a motorcycle down the street, I saw road workers on the side of the road as I was approaching. Just as I was very close they would shovel a heap of gravel into the area they were working very close to line I was riding.

This did shock me a few times but I became used to it and learned to expect it. The Balinese are obviously used to this but if you're not prepared for things like that it may shock you while riding or driving.

The road workers sometimes come very close to traffic doing their work and this did come as a shock to me the first time I noticed it. A handy Bali travel tip here is to beware of the road workers and expect the unexpected. Pictured below you can see how the flowing traffic is literally right next to the road work.

Bali Roads - Bali traffic next to road workers

Riding on the roads

For those who plan to use motorcycles on the roads you should be prepared for bumpy roads in some parts of Bali. On some of the roads they have a lot of pot holes. Also some of the roads have no tar at all, they are gravel roads. The majority of roads are tar roads though but not all of them. It appears construction workers are doing their best to fix up the roads which is good.

It's just a good idea and common sense to exercise a lot of caution when you are riding on the roads. Given the unpredictable nature of the traffic conditions in Bali, anything can happen when it's least expected. If you're planning to use different forms of Bali transport then this isn't as much of a concern as it would be when using motorbikes in Bali.

A good tip for motorcycle riders

Those who are good riders should understand this tip to reduce the feeling of the bumpy roads when you are riding a motorcycle. Try to lift yourself off the seat sightly so that all your body weight is on the foot pegs instead of on the seat. Do this as you're approaching a bumpy section of the road full of pot holes. You won't feel the bumps as much like that.

Driving on the roads

The bumpy roads aren't so much of a problem for those who plan to drive. Still just have to be careful and expect a bumpy ride if you're in a vehicle. However a lot of the time you may not feel it too much because you will be driving very slow in heavy build up of traffic.

Generally it's not as much of a safety concern in a car as it is being on a motorcycle when getting around Bali. Still though it's good to be prepared and have an idea of what to expect even if you do plan to drive a car in Bali.

I did find when I was in a car on the roads in Bali that motorbikes are always coming up either side of the car which is not something that would normally happen in other countries as it would be against the law. So those who aren't aware of this may find it a surprise to see motorbikes everywhere all around the roads when driving a vehicle in Bali.

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