Bali Nightlife

For a small island I think the Bali nightlife can be a pretty wild time more than people might expect.

This fire dance was quite entertaining to watch and many people were gathered around. I just happened to be walking past this venue along Jalan Kartika Plaza and the flames caught my attention so I stayed to watch the dance.

I really enjoy everything about Bali particularly going out and having fun. I also love hearing about other peoples experiences on a night out in the Bali nightlife scene.

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The Skygarden  Not rated yet
The Skygarden is an awesome nightclub which has different levels with the top level having a VIP section for tourists. I came to Bali with a group of friends …

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It's not uncommon to walk past different venues around Bali and see some kind of Balinese dance happening which is really cool to watch. It might also surprise some people as it did me when I first came to Bali that the nightlife scene is vibrant and happening every night of the week.

This is mainly because Bali is a very popular tourist destination. Most of Bali's economy is generated through tourism. So it's not uncommon to head out to a nightclub on a Monday evening and find that it's open till early hours. Usually with many people out and about partying the night away.

Bintang is the popular beer in Bali.

Bali Nightlife - Bintang is the beer most people drink in Bali

Bali nightlife in Kuta

There is always action going on in Kuta from nightclubs to restaurants, to clubs and bars, Kuta has it all. My favorite area for nightlife entertainment in Bali would have to be Kuta. It's quite a vibrant and happening nightlife scene in Kuta particularly because Kuta is the most popular area for tourists. There is also great venues in other parts of Bali too that have great nightlife entertainment.

Jalan Legian in Kuta is the main steet where there are many nightclubs, bars, clubs and restaurants. There is usually people everywhere at night inside restaurants and going in and out of the nightclubs. Music is pumping from all the different venues. This video was during a weeknight after 11pm or so walking down Jalan Legian strip.

In Bali they are pretty careful with security in all the different venues so it's a safe atmosphere. Although there are lots of people partying, getting drunk and having a wild time it's still a good friendly vibe most of the time.

I've been out in Bali many times before and I have never run into any problems. There is usually security out the front of most venues around Bali.

Bali Nightlife - Some girls entering a nightclub

Here is a picture I took walking down Jalan Legian.

Bali nightlife - wondering throught the vibrant streets

Kuta nightlife venues

These are some of the popular venues on Jalan Legian in Kuta.

  • The Engine Room
  • Bounty Discotheque
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Bounty Ship
  • The Skygarden
  • Paddy's Club

Seminyak nightlife venues

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