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I thought it would be a good idea to write about the Bali medical centers in the common tourist areas. This will be useful info will be useful for anyone going to Bali. I have experienced occasions where people have been in urgent need of medical assistance in Bali and haven't had any idea about where to go or how to find a doctor.

As a result it prompted me to put some information about it here. I hope it will be useful in the unlikely event anyone reading this needs medical attention during their time in Bali. On this page I have put down some information about where the Bali medical centers are in popular tourist areas. Also there is some pictures about what the centers are like in Bali as I know some people do wonder about it.

The Surya Husadha Kuta Bali Medical Center

The Surya Husadha Kuta Medical Center is one of the well known centers in Kuta. It's also open 24 hours which is very convenient. This is the sign to look out for. They also have a dentist and pharmacy here too.

Bali Medical - Surya Husadha Kuta Medical Center

This is the front of the Surya Husadha Medical Center. Once you see the sign pictured above it's pretty easy to find.

Bali Medical - Front window of the Surya Husadha Kuta Medical Center

The center is very clean and modern and there is always helpful people ready to attend to everyone.

Bali Medical - Inside the Bail medical centers are very clean

Much like any western medical clinic there is a TV in the waiting room. I personally find the Bali medical centers quite modern and well equipped.

Bali Medical - TV in waiting room much like any western clinic

The doctors are very friendly and happy to look after their patients. They do a great job and are just as good as any other doctor from a western country.

Bali Medical - The doctors are always very helpful and caring

They have all the modern medical equipment like an ordinary medical clinic in a western country. Anyone would feel safe and well looked after in the Bali Medical Centers in my own opinion and experience.

They can also prescribe and sell medicine directly from this center for those who should need any prescriptions. Quite convenient and saves having to look for a pharmacy.

Bali Medical - The facilites are modern and up to date

There is an emergency number as highlighted in the picture below that can be called 24 hours a day.

The address and contact details for The Surya Husadha Kuta Medical Center are:

Address: Jalan Dewi Sartika No. 90 Tuban

Phone: +62 361 776154


It can be hard to find exactly where it is on a google map so I will describe where this place is to make life easier. The best way to describe the location is by using The Vira Bali Hotel as a landmark.

The center is about 2 minutes walk up the road from The Vira Bali Hotel and heading north towards Kuta Square direction. Then it's to the right down a small back side street. You will see the sign from the first picture on this page out the front about 20 or so meters down the street.

Bali Medical - Emergency contact details

Nikki Medika (Denpasar)

This is the Nikki Medika in Denpasar, Bali.

Address: Jalan Gatot Subroto II No 5, Denpasar Bali.

Phone: 0361 425 333

Bali Medical - Nikki Medika

Padma Clinic (Legian)

This is the Padma Clinic in Bali. This clinic is 24 hour and is one of the common clinics for the Legian / Seminyak area.

Address: Utara Street 517 B, Legian, Bali

Phone: 0361 761 484

Bali Medical - Padma Clinic in Legian

Bali Hospitals

BIMC Hospital (Kuta)

Address: Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. Kuta, Bali 80361

Phone: 0361 761 263

BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua)

Address: Kawasan BTDC, Blok D, Nusa Dua, Bali 80363

Phone: 0361 3000 911

Sanglah Hospital (Denpasar)

Address: Jalan Kesehatan Selatan, 1 Sanglah, Denpasar Bali

Phone: 0361 227 911 - 15

Find the other hospitals around Bali

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