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Bali Internet Speeds

The Bali internet speed is usually 256kb or 512kb depending on where you are staying. The majority of hotels in Bali have a 512kb connection available however there are still some that only have 256kb connection. There is faster connections available but it can be quite expensive. The most commonly used connection speeds are those highlighted above.

Wireless Internet

Most hotels and villas around Bali have wireless internet available that you can connect your laptop to which is convenient for tourists. However the wireless internet isn't always very stable and drops connection from time to time.

It's usually quite easy to use the wireless connection at the hotels and generally they have good coverage throughout the hotel buildings. The hotel staff should have basic guidelines to help you get started with using the wireless connection on your laptop or any Wifi device. If you have any troubles the hotel staff will always be happy to assist.

There is also many other places around Bali that allow for free Wifi access. So if you're using a laptop, Ipad or phone that you carry around with you, it will never be difficult to find a place that has free Wifi. Usually these are in places like restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and shopping malls. There will always be a sign somewhere saying they have free Wifi. Very easy to find and common in Bali.

Wired/Ethernet Internet

Using a wired Ethernet connection is definitely more stable than a wireless connection. Most hotels and villas throughout Bali have Ethernet high speed connection facilities.

If you are living in a house or apartment, you will require a phone line and a modem or router to have a wired connection set up for your internet access.

Bali Internet Cafes

There are many internet cafes all over the island so you will never have any problem finding one during your holiday. Many of the internet cafes in Bali also have restaurants too which is convenient. It usually costs between RP.7000 to RP.15,000 per hour depending on where you go.

In many common areas around Bali there is usually clear signs for Internet cafes such as the picture I took below. It's quite easy to find internet cafes and places that offer free Wifi around Bali.

Bali Internet Cafe

Some places may only have a few computers in there available for internet access. There is always somewhere around the main towns of pretty much any region of Bali where there is internet access available for anyone.

Here some suggestions of internet cafes located in places of interest around Bali.

Cafe Address Telephone
Bali-Cyber-Cafe & Restaurant 9 Kompleks Sriwijaya, Jalan Patih Jelantik, Kuta 80361 - +62-361-761326
Kedin Internet Jl.Poppies I 80361 Kuta, Bali +62-361-756771
Legian CyberCafe Jl.Werkudara Number 518 Legian +62-361-767381
GlobalXtreme Internet Cafe 2nd floor of Kerobokan 388X +62-361-736833
Bali Touch Cyber-Café Jl.Dhyana Pura +62-361-735054
Copa Cafe Jalan Legian +62-361-767312
Galaxy Internet Jl.Kartika Plaza 7B Kuta 80361 +62-361-754995
Xtreme Cafe-Bali Jl.Kartika Plaza 7B Kuta, 80361 +62-361-736833

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