Bali Health Tips

If you are planning a holiday in Bali, here you will find some Bali health tips that you should know before you travel.

Make sure you get Travel Insurance

Before going to Bali no matter where you are coming from it's very wise to have travel insurance before you go. This Bali health and travel tip could save you thousands of dollars in the event of medical emergency. Read more about Travel Insurance and why it's important in Bali....

Water! drink lots of it :)

One of the first Bali health tips that should be noted is to not drink or brush your teeth using the tap water to avoid getting sick with 'Bali-belly'. You should either boil the water first or you can purchase bottled water. The average cost for a bottle of water is less than AUD $1.00 so it's very cheap!

If you are visiting Bali for more than a few days, it might be a better option to purchase a large 6L bottle from the supermarket and fill up from that. This will save you money and also the time of repeat visits to the convenience store to purchase smaller 500ml / 1L size bottles.

One thing to remember as with all of these Bali heath tips listed here is to make sure you keep hydrated! Bali is a very humid climate so drink lots of water otherwise you will become dehydrated very quickly.

Bali Belly

The infamous Bali Belly: This is probably one of the main Bali health tips you should think about. Bali Belly is a disturbance of the stomach and can be very unpleasant if you come down with it during your holiday. It can be caused by tap water, exotic spice foods and/or some fruits.

When you travel to other countries you are at risk of having the same kind of stomach problems as Bali Belly due to the different types of food / drinks / fruits etc that you may consume. For some travellers who visit Bali, they can experience Bali Belly and it can be an inconvenient interruption to your holiday.

The best way to avoid Bali Belly is to make sure you avoid drinking tap water is this is known to be the most common way it can affect people. Make sure you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with bottled water.

What to do if you get Bali Belly

- Take Imodium tablets

  • If you end up with a case of Bali Belly, take Imodium tablets. They will slow down the digestive system.
  • Imodium helps the body to absorb nutrients and liquids from foods you consume.
  • Drink lots of water whenever you have taken Imodium tablets
  • Usually it takes a few days till Imodium tablets will take affect and reduce any related symptoms
  • Imodium will help to restore the natural rhythm of the body

- When not to take Imodium tablets

  • It's not advised to take Imodium tablets if you are allergic to loperamide.
  • If you are already on any antibiotics, consult a physician prior to taking Imodium.

Here are a few Bali health tips to keep in mind when you are out and about in the nightlife of Bali.

Arak - Popular Balinese alcoholic drink

For those who enjoy nightlife and like to party, this might be one more use Bali health tips you will read on this page :)

Balinese drink Arak which is rice wine. It has a similar taste to straight vodka for those who haven’t tried it before. It has a high percentage of alcohol content of about 40%. It usually costs somewhere around 5000IDR – 8000IDR (roughly 90 cents AUD) for a bottle.

It’s recommended that you drink Arak sparingly because it will get you intoxicated quite rapidly without you expecting it. Arak is often added to cocktail drinks in the bars in Bali so it’s a healthy travel tip to remember how strong it is before you going out drinking.

Restricted smoking areas

Another point to keep in mind is not to smoke in public areas. As of November 2011, Bali has introduced a law whereby smoking is restricted in the majority of common public areas including temples, tourist attractions hotels and restaurants.

You may still find people smoking in these areas because the law was only introduced last year but it's best not to follow suit and avoid any kind of fines for smoking in these areas.

Medical attention in Bali

For anyone who needs medical attention, here is where to find medical clinics and hospitals in Bali.

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