Bali Electricity
Avoid blowing anything up!

It's better to be safe than sorry! Unless you're familiar with Bali electricity, I recommend reading up on some of my tips here to avoid going through the same thing as me. I have blown up electrical products in the past so I know how dangerous electricity can be.

For anyone heading to Bali, I think it's a good idea to have an understanding about the electricity in Bali. This will keep you safe and better prepared. Below I have highlighted a summary of the main things to be aware of with Bali electricity and how to use electrical products. It can be difficult to work these things out when already in Bali.

Power adapters used in Bali

Here is the power adapter I purchased and it was perfectly fine for me. This is one of the more common ones used however check with the staff member in the store to confirm you're using the correct power adapter. They are usually easy to find in most electrical outlets or appliance stores.

Power adapter for Bali

This is the under side of the adapter. There are only 2 prongs required for the adapters in Bali.

Power adapter for Bali

This is the front side of the Balinese power adapters. It allows for most common electrical products to plug into this adapter. Both the 3 prong and 2 prong plugs will work in these Bali power adapters.

Power adapter for Bali

Purchasing power adapters

If you require a power adapter to run your electrical devices, you can purchase these from many stores around Bali. Usually it's cheaper to purchase these in Bali rather than Australia or USA. To purchase one in Bali is around RP.25,000. This varies depending on where you go but it shouldn't be too much more than that.

You can usually find the adapters in electrical stores often found in shopping malls. Shop around for the best price. Another suggestion is if you plan to use a number of electrical devices, you can take with you a power board containing 4 sockets and plug that into the wall socket adapter that you purchase. That way you can run 4 different devices using the Bali wall sockets configuration instead of buying many different adapters.

I managed to find my Bali power adapter from Rumahkita (pictured below) in the Discovery mall in Kuta. There are also other smaller outlets around the main shopping areas of Bali that will have the product. I had the feeling however some of those were a bit more expensive because I found one that seemed a bit overpriced. So I found the Rumahkita inside the Discovery shopping mall.

It may also be possible to pick up one of the Bali power adapters to borrow from a hotel. I was able to use one from a hotel I stayed at in the past before purchasing one for myself.


I bought my electrical power adapter for 23,200 Rupiah from Rumahkita. This was a cheaper price than some other outlets. At the Rumahkita they have a wide range of adapters and all other electrical products. Here you will be sure to find whatever kind of adapter you may be looking for.

Bali Power Adapters

Voltage used for Bali Electricity

Most commonly used voltage for Bali: 220V (Voltage) 50Hz (Hertz)

Less commonly used: 110V 50Hz

The electrical power adapters in Bali use 2-pins. Make sure to keep in mind that if your device requires 110V to work properly that you will also require a voltage convertor as well as the wall socket adapter.

The voltage convertor will convert to the required voltage your electrical devices needs to run. The wall socket adapter will allow a 3-pin electrical device to plug into the 2-pin wall sockets of Bali.

Some hotels and buildings around Bali still may use 110V so it's wise to keep an eye out for that. If they do use 110V and your electrical device/appliance requires 220V, you can purchase a voltage convertor from many different stores around Bali. This will allow your device/appliance requiring 220V to reduce it's voltage required 110V.

The same applies if the hotel you're staying at has a 220V output and your electrical device requires 110V to operate. You will have to use the voltage convertor to reduce the Bali electricity voltage to 110V before turning the device on.

For the most part however, it's more common that Bali electricity requires 220V in wall sockets so generally if coming from Australia you won't have to worry about purchasing a voltage convertor. Keep these things in mind and you should be fine.

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