Bali Beaches

The Bali beaches are perhaps one of the most common attractions for tourists all around the world. I personally can't get enough of the beach and there is definitely no shortage of white sandy beaches all around Bali.

Another great thing about the beaches in Bali is that they offer absolutely breathtaking sunsets from the western coast of the island. At sunset many of the beaches are filled with people taking pictures of the sunset as the sun slowly goes down behind the ocean.

Pictured below are some of my favorite beaches in Bali and my own personal reviews. What's your favorite of all beaches in Bali?

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Kuta Beach

Pictured here is one of the entry points to possibly the most well known of all Bali beaches, Kuta beach. The Kuta area is the heart of tourism in Bali. This is the area of Bali where most tourists populate and Kuta beach is no exception.

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Bali Beaches - Kuta Beach, Bali

Legian Beach

Legian is the next town just north of Kuta. Legian beach is a beautiful white sandy beach like all the Bali beaches. Legian is also conveniently close to common tourist attractions such as shopping, bars, clubs and restaurants.

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Bali Beaches - Legian Beach

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach is one of my personal favorites out of most of the Bali beaches. Seminyak is about 10 - 15 minutes north of Kuta. There are some great restaurants, clubs and bars right along the beach that offer amazing views. Some of those include places like the Cocoon beach club and La Plancha.

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Bali Beaches - Seminyak Beach

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach is located on the south eastern coast of Bali along the Nusa Dua Peninsula. Nusa Dua beach is very popular among tourists who stay at a range of the beautiful 5 star resorts and hotels. All the way along the enclave of this beach pictured above are some of the most high end Bali hotels. They offer picturesque views of beautiful Nusa Dua beach.

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Bali Beaches - Nusa Dua Beach

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran beach is further down south of Kuta beach past Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can come down here and enjoy a meal and drinks in one of the many beach front restaurants and cafes.

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Kelan Beach

Kelan beach is located on the western coast of Bali and is approximately 15 minutes south of Kuta just past the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Here you can be dining on the beach while enjoying the beautiful ocean views.

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Bali Beaches - Kelan Beach

Squirrels at Nusa Dua Beach

The first time I visited Nusa Dua beach I was somewhat surprised at how tame the squirrels are. They literally come down from the treetops and eat straight out of your hand. These little squirrels are loved by the tourists and that is perhaps why they are so tame with people.

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Bali Beaches - Squirrels on Nusa Dua Beach

Breathtaking sunsets in Bali

The sunsets in Bali are absolutely stunning to say the least. There has been many times that I will go to the beach at around sunset time for no other reason but to capture the sunsets. It's quite a popular trend for tourists and even the locals to go out see the sunsets. In my opinion I haven't seen any sunsets quite as spectacular as those in Bali.

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Bali Beaches - Sunsets

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Nusa Dua Beach review Not rated yet
Nusa Dua Beach is really lovely with beautiful clear waters, soft sand, and lots of trees and natural greenery around. I saw plenty of squirrels there …

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