Bali Batik

The Balinese create the Bali Batik products at the Batik Wand Weaving Center in Kuta. I found it was quite intriguing to watch them using their artistic talents. Traditionally the Balinese wear Batik clothing at cultural events such as festivals, weddings and ceremonies held in temples.

The Bali Batik cloth is all handmade and is known for being an expensive item to purchase in Bali. This is due to the time and effort that goes into their creation.

Batik products are designed using hot wax to create intricate detailed paintings on the cloth. This is done by the Balinese workers and it's a very time consuming process.

A lot of effort goes into creating even one of the Batik products. Tourists have the opportunity to see how this process is done in the Tohpati Village at the Batik Wand Weaving Center.

This is the Wand Weaving Center in Tohpati Village where they make the Batik Products. The entire process is all done in this factory. From making the cloth to designing the final paintings.

Bali Batik - Wand Weaving Center in Tohpati Village

Here are some of the workers who do the paintings on the Batik products. I was quite amazed at some of the detail that goes into the paintings on the Batik cloth.

Bali Batik Paintings

This is the weaving machine that is used to create the Batik cloth. I watched this lady doing her job for a while and it surely is a time consuming tedious process to create the Batik cloth. My video above gives a clearer picture as of to exactly how this all works.

Bali Batik - Balinese worker

At times the lady had to stand up and walk around to stretch her legs because of the nature of the job. It's quite a repetitive task when seeing exactly what she does so it's no surprise that the occasional stretching is required.

Bali Batik - Balinese worker

This lady is one of the painters who creates the designs on the Bali Batik cloth. I watched how she does this for a while and I was surprised at how detailed the process really is. The paintings consist of different shadings, lines and dots that ultimately make up the final product upon completion.

Bali Batik Paintings

Here are a few other ladies who do the actual paintings on the Batik cloth. You can see this more clearly in my video that I recorded at the top of this page. In summary though, what they do is use hot wax to create the designs on the cloth.

Bali Batik Paintings

All the workers seem totally focused at their job and it certainly does require a high level of attention to detail. This lady had several different projects going at once.

In her lap she was working on one product and at times she would switch back to another cloth and begin painting on that. She seem to be very well practiced at her job. I imagine she has probably been doing this for a long time.

Bali Batik Paintings

Another lady worker here is creating a design that consists of many dots that make up a particular design she was working towards. I found it quite incredible to see how fluent they seemed to be at doing this.

It looks like they have been doing this form of art for many years. You can see this more clearly at how easily they create the designs in my video above.

Bali Batik Paintings

Batik cloth is seen everywhere around Bali and it's a common form of clothing worn by the Balinese. Batik products also come in different forms such as decorative wall hangings, pillow cases, quilt covers and hang bags to name a few.

They do have a store at this factory however they don't allow cameras in there so that the original designs can't be copied. If you do plan to visit here, it's well worth having a look inside the store where all the finished products are being sold.

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