Bali Art

Anywhere I go in Bali, it's hard to miss some kind of Bali art in one form or another. Most of the Balinese people are very talented artists and this is demonstrated by the various different artistic creations seen around Bali.

They definitely have a natural ability to create stunning artworks in different forms. Their artistic talents are evident in styles of art including wood carvings, drawings, sculptures and paintings to name a few. For many of the Balinese artists, they will sell their artworks in a store run by their family. Many make a living off creating works of art and selling them to admiring tourists.

I have taken many different photos of the different styles of Bali art I have seen. I have also created several different web pages about it on my site. Below are just a few of the many examples of artistic talent in Bali.

The Bali paintings are definitely worth taking a look at particularly for the artistic types. They have some great works of art on display in most common areas of Bali. More about Bali paintings....

Bali Art - Bali Paintings

A common place to find some of the Bali handicrafts is at the Kuta art markets. Bali handicrafts are also seen everywhere around the island. These handmade designs are very good. More about Bali handicrafts....

Bali Art - Bali Handicrafts

Bali Batik is a well known cloth that many of the Balinese people wear as clothing. It's one of the cultural traditional styles of clothing that is commonly worn at dances and ceremonies. At the Batik Wand Weaving Center, you can see how they make the Batik. More about Bali Batik....

Bali Art - Bali Batik

The Bali wood carvings and sculptures are truly an amazing display of Bali art. It's quite incredible what the artists can create from one piece of wood. More about Bali wood carvings....

Bali Art - Bali Wood Carvings and Sculptures

It's never ceased to amaze me how talented the Balinese artists really are at their craft. They are extremely passionate about art and many of the Balinese artists started out at a very young age.

Since ancient times, the Balinese incorporate their artistic talents into dance, ceremonies and religion. One example of this is the creation of the canang sari offerings seen around Bali. It requires the use of artistic talent to make the canang sari offerings and the end result is to give those offerings to the Hindu Gods.

There are many different ways in which art form is incorporated into the Balinese cultural traditions and religion. This gives tourists the opportunity to experience how the cultural traditions are demonstrated by the Balinese in the form of art.

Many tourists congregate at popular art markets in Bali to see some of the incredible works of art on display for people to buy. One of the popular tourist attractions known for having a variety of different kinds of art is the Kuta art market.

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