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Whenever I am looking into air travel to Bali from Australia, I have often find that Zuji has some pretty good deals. Rather than going through a series of individual airline sites, Zuji does one search on all the major airlines. AirAsia is probably the best airline to find the cheapest prices when travelling to Bali from anywhere in Asia.

Flight to Bali video

This videos gives you a view of what it looks like from the airline when landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

Flights to Bali from Australia

Bali is a very popular tourist destination for many Australians. That being said, travelling to Bali from Australia is easy. Usually flights depart from Sydney or Perth destined for Bali.

From Sydney it usually takes about 5 - 6 hours on a direct flight to Denpasar. The average cost for a return ticket depends on how advanced the booking is and which airline you fly with.

There are regular flights going to Bali all year around but it does pay to book in advance if you can. You can save quite a few dollars from doing that. That also depends on which airline you choose to fly with too. I have found some pretty cheap flights with Garuda Indonesia several times in the past.

From Perth it's usually a few hours less than from Sydney so it's a bit cheaper from there too. Air travel to Bali from Australia is a common practice for Australians.

Garuda Indonesia Airlines

Average prices from Australia:

The average cost for air travel to Bali from Sydney is usually between $500 - $950 AUD. For travellers who fly from Perth to Bali, this average estimate is usually several hundred dollars cheaper.

I have used Garuda Indonesia a few times and they have been somewhat cheaper than some Australian airlines in my experience. Also they are quite a comfortable airline to fly with too.

The time of the year and how busy flights are also depends on what airlines have the cheapest prices at the time.

Landing at Nguara Rai International Airport

Flights to Bali from the USA

China Airlines has been known to have some of the cheapest flights to Bali from the USA in my experience. However Garuda Indonesia Airlines has regular flights from the USA too. It's best to take flights from LAX in LA, California. Flight times are usually quite long though so it's best to be prepared for that.

There is usually one stop over on the way from LA to Bali which is why it takes a bit longer. A direct flight however can reduce the time to approximately 10 - 15 hours. With the stop over it takes anywhere from 20 - 30 hours.

Flights to Bali from the UK and Europe

Flying to Bali from the UK is also a long flight much like the USA. You can expect a flight time of about 20 - 30 hours. Usually there are 2 stop overs on the trip.

Sometimes Garuda has some competitive deals from the UK. The best rates like any location depends on the time of the year and which airline has the most bookings. Garuda Indonesia seems to be the most common airline that has great deals on flights to Indonesia, Bali.

Air travel to Bali is available from most major capital cities in Europe. One of the most common airlines that travels to Indonesia from Europe is Qatar Airways.

Garuda and Malaysia Airlines also has regular flights to Bali from major cities around Europe.

Flights to Bali from Asia

AirAsia is without a doubt one of the most popular airlines used in Southeast Asia. The most common places in Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand all have regular flights that travel to Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia has regular flights to Bali from anywhere in Asia however AirAsia is probably the preferred choice when it comes to flights to Bali.

The main reason for this is due to the fact that flights to Indonesia from anywhere in Asia are usually the cheapest via AirAsia. This also includes flights to anywhere else in Asia. Air travel to Bali from anywhere in Asia is easy, quick and cheap!

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