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Religion in Bali

One of the key traditions about Bali is the deep ancient Hindu religion that most of the Balinese people follow. The Hindu religion is believed to have started in Bali in the 11th century period. Since then it has evolved and still exists in the Balinese culture and family traditions to this day.

Art, Dance and Culture

The Hindu religion in Bali is also known as a form of art. Hindu Dharam is a form of Hindu religion that encompasses ceremonies, art, cultural beliefs, dance and festivals. Most Balinese people are artists in some form or another. Usually these skills are passed down from family generations. Most places around Bali is thriving with different art forms displayed around the island. Paintings, weavings, sculptures, drawings, wood carvings are just some of the kinds of art forms commonly seen around Bali.

Tourists often notice this about Bali when it comes to the Balinese artists. It's common to see artists working in the street, selling their artworks and creating art. It's also common to see artworks laying around the paths and streets. These artworks seen all around public places are a representation to the Hindu religion.

The Balinese people are very deep seeded in the Hindu religion as it goes back to ancient times. It's one of the key traditions that makes Bali what it is today. The Balinese generally articulate their religion through dance, art and ceremonies. This is another deeply cultural part about Bali that has lasted since ancient times.

Cultural Ceremonies

It's almost a daily ritual for ceremonies to be held around Bali which is a very common and a long standing tradition about Bali that still exists predominantly today. The Balinese perform life cycle ceremonies known as Manusa Yadnya. These are carried out regularly to signify certain stages through the human life. These ceremonies are usually performed in ancient temples. Temples are another common artifact in Bali. There are many temples around the island with the "Tanah Lot" being perhaps the most famous temple in Bali.

Where is Bali?

Bali is part of the country Indonesia. Geographically it's situated 3.2 km (2 miles) east of Java. Although Bali is a separate island it's still considered as one of the provinces of Indonesia. The equator is approximately 8 degrees north of Bali thus contributing to the tropical climate conditions in Bali. There is the dry season and wet season in Bali which is also expected of a tropical island close to the equator. For a clear picture as to where precisely Bali is from a geographical perspective, check out the Maps of Bali.

Population of Bali

The population of Bali as of 06/7/2012 is 3,996,464 (sourced from true knowledge). Bali's population has increased more then 740,000 people in the last 10 years. Today there is still a growing population and tourism industry in Bali.

The pacific ring of fire

The pacific ring of fire is a series of fault lines and active volcanoes that stretches across the outer parts of the Pacific ocean. There are many earthquakes and volcanic activities that occur and Indonesia predominantly sits right on top of the Pacific ring of fire.

Earthquakes in Bali aren't as significant as those in the main land of Indonesia however it's not uncommon for Bali to experience them. Bali does have active volcanoes and the most well known is Mount Batur.

Bali - A growing popular tourist destination

Bali is a very popular tourist destination and offers many different guided tours to allow tourists to catch a glimpse of the volcanoes. Not only the volcanoes but many other tours are available for tourists too.

From my own personal experience, I highly recommend going on some of the tours in Bali to see the real beauty of this magical island!

Bali Volcanoes

Places to visit in Bali

Nyepi - Bali day of silence

Bali Nature

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